Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walgreens Tidbit

A question arised on Facebook from Amber...

The Walgreens on Madison Ave is 24 hrs, but their new ad prices aren't fully into the computer system until 4am Sunday morning.  At midnight they can manually change all the prices in the new ad but you will NOT get Register Rewards - they don't print out until that 4am timeframe.  Sister C will ask another manager the next time I am there, just to make sure that's the deal.  I never take one employee's answer until another one matches it :D  So, if you want to grab those Register Reward deals, you'll have to wait until Sunday morning to take advantage of those deals.  I'm assuming the Walgreen's Downtown would NOT have theirs the night before as they close at 10pm but I will ask them just to make sure.  I'm also assuming the Walgreens in North Mankato is the same as the Madison Avenue one, but will still ask when I head over there next. 

Thanks for the question, Amber - I learned something new!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Financially Fit Friday

Emergency Fund - Stocked

Vehicle Fund - Stocked
  • We'll be purchasing this vehicle in June.  Right now we are technically "borrowing" it. 
Indiana Fund (Goal is $500)
  • Current Balance is $2.75 after our trip.  Stocking up on snacks ahead of time by using a few dollars out of our grocery budget here and there and limiting how much we go out to eat really saved us money!  We had over $200 but some bills needed to be paid since we haven't worked in two weeks.  We also splurged and had a great date night using leftover funds from the trip, and it was much needed! 
    • Deposited $11.87 in spare change - two weeks worth.
    • Deposited $6 in surveys
    • Deposited $7.97 from Ebates.
  • New Balance - $28.59
    • We head back to Indiana in just over 2 weeks to bury Hubby R's Mom.  So we have A LOT of work to do.  We will do a lot of "Whatever is in the Cupboard" eating for two weeks and the week we come home LOL

Colorado Fund (Goal is $500)
  • Deposited $0 since I haven't worked in two weeks :o(
  • Total - $269.16
    • This total will greatly diminish as soon as Sister S cashes a check - the tickets were bought :D

Credit Card Beginning Balance 4/29/11 - $6031.08

  • Paid $60 to cover a charge put on the card, I had to pay more, just so I can see it go down a wee bit.  I'm kind of discouraged as we will have 3 trips to Indiana in 6 weeks.  I like seeing family that much, I just don't like the hit on our pocketbook.  And we are coming up to the summer, which is notorious for low commissions.  I hope this summer is different.  However, looking at the current balance to what it was 5 weeks ago, we've paid almost $100/week on it.  I'm proud of that.  For now :D
  • Current Balance - $5490.14
     *If you follow Dave Ramsey, he says no matter what to pay down your next lowest balance.  This is not our next lowest balance, but it's our highest interest rate one.  Now that we've paid off so many loans in the last 2 years, we believe this is a better route to go, where as our other loans have such a small interest rate on them, this is by far the worst "loan" we have.  So,  Ready...Set...GO!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hy-Vee Run

Sister C also made two runs to Hy-Vee today.  Why two?  Because the first time I tried to get the shopping done with a 5-year-old, a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old.  So the first pic is Run #1 lol

4 Coke 12 Cans (one was already given away) 4/$13
  • use in ad coupon $3 off WYB 4 = 4/$10
10 Knorr Sides
  • use 2 - 50c/2 coupon RP 5/22/11 = 10/$9
Rotisserie Chicken $5.99
  • use in ad coupon Buy 10 Knorr Sides get Rotisserie Chicken FREE
2 Wonder Burger Buns 88c ea
Lays Chips $1.77 ea
Johnsonville Brats $2.99 each
Pringles 99c
2 Squirt Guns - FREE (Treasure Chest!)

Then used 3 BYO Bags = 15c off

Total $35.32
Saved $11.23

(The pop is being hidden for our trip back to Indiana in two weeks, plus a bag of Lays chips.  Burger buns are for Hubby R to bring to work for a pot luck.)

Here's C's Hy-Vee Run #2

2 Hy-Vee Chocolate Chip Cookies $1 each
10 KoolAid 10c each
4 Ritz Crackers $1.99 each
5 Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.99 each
  • use 2 - $1/2 coupon in Cub flyer
  • Not sure if the Target one should have also been used, but she put it thru no problem!  They ring it up as a "Store Coupon".  The ones from the Cub flyer are NOT store coupons, but manufacturer coupons. 
1 Kraft Touch of Philly $1.99
Breakstone Cottage Cheese 99c
Then used 3 BYO Bags - 15c off

Total $9.76
Saved $14.13

(2 Ritz are for the Indiana trip along with both cookies, along with some of the KoolAid.)

Cub Run

Sister C ran to Cub today. 

Pop Chips - $3.05 - used FREE coupon (NLA) = FREE
Pillsbury Brownie Mix 99c - used in ad coupon 50c off = 49c
Danimals Yogurt 2/$4 - used Cub Summer Booklet coupon for $1/2 = $1.50 each
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce $1 - used $1 coupon from company = FREE

Total $3.49
Saved $5.55

Not a whole lot at Cub I needed this week, but if you swing in, grab a few of their flyers.  You'll need the coupons in it to use at Hy-Vee to score a GREAT deal on Kraft Cheese!  Check out my Hy-Vee Run :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hy-Vee Ad 5/24/11

ONE DAY SALE - Thursday, May 26th
  • Pork Loin Back Ribs $1.99/lb
  • 2 Liter Coke Products 69c
  • Hunts Ketchup 49c
  • Driscoll's Strawberries $4.97/4 lbs
  • Wonder Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns 88c (limit 3)
  • Midewest Country Fare Ice Cream $3.28 (limit 2)
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice w/lime 99c
  • Hy-Vee potato salad or coleslaw $3.99/3 lbs
  • Johnsonville Italian Sausage or Bratwurst $2.98 *stockup price*
  • Angel Food Cake $2.99
  • Van Camp's Pork and Beans 39c (limit 3)
Buy any 10 of the following items, Save $5 with in-ad coupon (50c off each item WYB 10)
  NOTE - In the Cub flyer are coupons for Kraft Products that say "Manufacturer Coupon", Sister C will try using these tomorrow when she goes shopping for even better deals :D
  • Kraft Mayo $2.49 - use 75c/1 SS 5/15/11
  • Country Time Lemonade $2.50
  • Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Meats or Chicken Strips $2.99
  • Chips Ahoy! $2.49
  • Kraft American Singles $1.99
  • Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon $3.99
  • Ritz or Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.99 - use $1/2 coupon - *stockup price*
  • Kraft Cheese $1.99
  • Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammers $1.99
  • Kraft Salad Dressing $1.49 - use $1.50/2 RP 5/15/11 *stockup price*
  • Planters Nuts $1.99
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pk $4.49
  • Earth's Best Organic Sesame Street Cookies/Crackers $2/5 - use $1/2 coupon
  • Coke 12 Pack Cans or 6 Pack Bottles 4/$10 - use in-ad coupon
  • Powerade 10/$10 + Get 5 FREE - use in-ad coupon
  • Sunny D $1.48 - use 25c/1 SS 5/15/11
  • Hy-Vee String Cheese $2.99/12 oz
  • Hy-Vee Yogurt 10/$4
  • Cool Whip 99c
  • Stouffer's Meals (incl. Farmer's Harvest) 4/$9 - use
  • Seedless Watermelon $2.88
  • Dole Iceberg Lettuce 97c *great price*
  • Kellogg's Cereal 3/$5 use $1/3 RP 4/17/11 or for FF use $1/2 coupon
    • Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops
  • Pillsbury Brownie Mix 98c
  • Smucker's Toppings 3/$5 - use $1/2 RP 5/15/11
  • Town House Crackers - use $1/2 coupon
  • Little Debbie Snacks 4/$5
  • Old Orchard Juice Cocktails $1.28 - use 50c coupon
  • Suddenly Pasta Salad 99c - use $1/2 GM Spring Savings Insert
  • Hungry Jack Pancake Mix $1.98 - use $1/1 RP 5/22/11
  • Hungry Jack Syrup $2.88 - use Hangtag if you find one for FREE HJ Pancake Mix WYB HJ Syrup PLUS use $1/1 RP 5/22/11
  • Hungry Jack Hashbrown Potatoes $1.48 - use $1/2 SS 5/22/11
    • Also use in-ad coupon for $5/20 Smuckers Products
      • This should be BEFORE coupons, so you can score some cheap breakfast items!
  • Knorr Sides Buy 10/$10 get Rotisserie Chicken FREE - use in-ad coupon PLUS use 50c/2 RP 5/22/11 *stockup price PLUS chicken!!*
  • Ragu $1.77 - use 50c/1 RP 5/22/11
  • Energizer Max Batteries $5.99 - use in-ad coupon to get FREE Oscar Mayer Meat Hot Dogs and 2 Liter Pop for FREE WYB Energizer batteries PLUS use $1/1 Energizer SS 5/22/11
  • Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs or Bologna 99c - use $1/2 Coupon
  • Italian Sausage or Bratwurst (in the meat case) 10/$7 *stockup price*
Personal Care
  • Suave Body Wash, Shampoo or Conditioner $1.48 - use B1G1 RP 5/22/11

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Tips

Vacations.  Trips.  Weekend getaways.  They all take money.  Sister C does the following to limit the money we spend on the road...
  1. I'll collect snacks for trips when they are on clearance.  This last time I had a bag full of chips, pretzels, pop (next time I need to make sure I have more caffeinated beverages!), and chocolate granola bars.  I spent about $20 on all of it, and we didn't need to stop for candy bars and chips, paying full convenience store prices.
  2. If we have room in our vehicle, I'll bring the cooler.  We didn't this time, but when we went to Indiana over Easter, we did bring it.  I fill it with bread, meat and cheese for sandwiches so we don't stop at fast food restaurants.  Whatever we don't eat on the way down, we eat for meals while there, cutting our grocery budget there.
  3. Our son goes to a private school, and that school has a program called Scrip.  If you are not familiar with it, all I do is buy gift cards and a portion of the price goes to the school and a portion of it goes to help pay my son's tuition.  Knowing this time we weren't going to be bringing the cooler, I bought a gift card to a restaurant I know we always stop at.  It's not much, but every little bit helps! 
  4. To be honest, I looked up which stores in the town we were staying in had loyalty cards or would email coupons to me.  The store we normally shop at while in Indiana is Meijer or Jewel-Osco.  I signed up for their loyalty programs and I received a $5 off a purchase coupon plus another $2 one!  I will do this for any trip I know we will be taking knowing I'll have grocery shopping to do!
What do you do to help your traveling budget?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tips

When Sister C's family has to travel, I like to make a trip uptown before we leave for our snacks for on the way.  We had a 500 mile trip (one way) to Hubby R's family this week, and we could EASILY spend $75 in snacks at rest stops, gas stations and fast food each way for our family of six.  So instead, I'll start "stocking up" on snacks a week, maybe two, before we leave.  For this trip, I spent around $20 on snack bars, chips, candy and drinks.  Then we stopped for lunch only on our way and spent about $15.  Our family saved $40 just getting to Indiana!  AND we still have stuff leftover to eat on the way home!  I've started a little "Travel Stash" of goodies in our closet when I see candy on clearance or when I can get drinks for super cheap.  It's saved us A LOT of money that can be used for a little splurge when we get to Indiana, like taking Grandpa out for dinner, or saving that to put towards our fund for coming back to Indiana.  :o) 

In what ways do you save on snacks for traveling?  In the past we've brought our cooler with and stocked that with milk, cheese, bread and sandwich meat so we don't have to stop at a fast food restaurant at all, but we needed the space in our vehicle this time around. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Financially Fit Friday

Emergency Fund - Stocked

Vehicle Fund - Stocked
  • We'll be purchasing this vehicle in June.  Right now we are technically "borrowing" it. 
Indiana Fund (Stocked)

Colorado Fund (Goal is $500)
  • Deposited $10 of fun money
  • New Total - $269.16
    • This total will greatly diminish as soon as Sister S cashes a check - the tickets were bought :D

Credit Card Beginning Balance 4/29/11 - $6031.08

  • $10.05 in spare change - this is 2 week's worth, as I was too lazy last week to go into the bank.
  • $19 in leftover tips and paychecks
  • Current Balance - $5502.08
    • I forgot to transfer 5c.  Oops. 
    • We had more leftover from tips and paychecks, but Hubby R's Mom passed away, so we're heading to Indiana tomorrow, so we're leaving all the money where it is now. 
     *If you follow Dave Ramsey, he says no matter what to pay down your next lowest balance.  This is not our next lowest balance, but it's our highest interest rate one.  Now that we've paid off so many loans in the last 2 years, we believe this is a better route to go, where as our other loans have such a small interest rate on them, this is by far the worst "loan" we have.  So,  Ready...Set...GO!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ground Beef 49c/lb

Here's another reason why you NEED to be on Hy-Vee's NOWWOW.  I, Sister C, just received a text for a one pound roll of ground beef for only 49c.  Yeah.  49c.  All I have to do is show the code on my phone to the cashier.  Nice.  :D

In the past I've received codes for 25c eggs, 99c Pepsi 12 pack and 99c pizzas.  You can select which types of texts you want to receive.  I get them all in case I need a reminder on a sale to mention to all you lovely folks :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tips

Today's tip...
If you don't have time to clip coupons - then find someone who does have time :D

No More Rack Deals!

Sister C is part of a lot of deal sites, but this is one I really like to follow.  They only have a few deals each day, and they sometimes go pretty quickly.  Check them out - I've found all kinds of goodies over the last few weeks.  Today, they have a cute little clutch purse for $10.  If you use my referral link HERE, you should receive a $10 credit - making this item FREE.  All their deals are only $2 to ship per item - not bad if you ask me, especially if you get something FREE with your credit! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kellogg's Gas Gift Card

Go HERE to see what this deal is about.  Sister C just received her first one in the mail :D

Speaking of gas, rumor has it gas should drop quite a bit.  We're keeping just enough in our vehicles right now until it does drop, sometime at the end of this week.  I hope the rumor is true :D

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sister C ran up to CVS to finish off the Nestle deal they have.  This is a reason why I love CVS - they keep track of the deals for you.  :D

I had run up to CVS earlier this week and used up some more coupons I had to get some Nestle candy bars, that cost me nothing after the coupons.  So I had $7 towards the $20 needed to get a $5 EBC, without spending a penny.


2 Colgate Toothpastes $2.77 each, used $1 off from All You and 75c from 5/1/11 = $3.79
6 Nestle Crunch bars 50c each, used 3 - $1/2 from a tear pad = FREE
4 Stouffers Pizza $3 each = $12
Used $4/$20 CVS purchase, emailed to me
Used $10 EBC from Airwick

Total $1.79 + tax
Received $5 ECB from Nestle + $5.54 from Colgate

I actually had this figured out to pay a few pennies, but they ran out of Crunch bars.  But This way we got dinner also :D

Note - When CVS runs a special like the Colgate, when you buy one Colgate for $2.77 and get $2.77 in EBCs with a limit of 2, if you buy 2 in a single transaction, they will add it together into one EBC.  I thought I'd get two separate ones.  So I learned something new today :D

Friday, May 6, 2011

Financially Fit Friday

Emergency Fund - Stocked

Vehicle Fund - Stocked
  • I forgot to mention that we have money set aside to pay cash for a "new" vehicle from our tax return.  Having two vehicles is what's making it easier for me to work evenings for more hours and better tips :D

Colorado Fund (Goal is $500)
  • Deposited $19 of fun money
  • New Total - $259.16
Indiana Fund (Stocked)

Credit Card Beginning Balance 4/29/11 - $6031.08

  • $0 in spare change - I was too lazy, I admit, to go into the bank to cash it in. 
  • $500.00 in leftover tips and miscellaneous money
  • Current Balance - $5531.08
    • We've decided to call the credit card company to see if they will decrease our interest rate, versus us opening a new account with a new company.  We'll see what happens.  Dave Ramsey says not to transfer balances around because then you have yet ANOTHER credit card with chances of racking up more debt.  I'd rather not have the temptation. 
     *If you follow Dave Ramsey, he says no matter what to pay down your next lowest balance.  This is not our next lowest balance, but it's our highest interest rate one.  Now that we've paid off so many loans in the last 2 years, we believe this is a better route to go, where as our other loans have such a small interest rate on them, this is by far the worst "loan" we have.  So...Ready...Set...GO!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How I Organize My Coupons - Option 2

Sister K here -

Since Sister C shared her organization method with me when I started and again below, I thought I'd share what works for me since it's a bit different.  I'm a little over-organized sometimes, so this method may or may not work for you.  :)

I have three organization tools:  a file box, a coupon binder and a small expandable file:

After I cut my coupons for the week, I file the rest of the coupon inserts by date in the file box. ( I always buy 3 papers and I also get inserts from my mom and a co-worker.)  The only reason I do this is that I have found that sometimes I miss coupons that I later find referenced in coupon match ups and this way I can check back and not miss out on a great deal.

The coupons I cut out each week go in my binder.  I sort the coupons by category and have letter dividers to help me find the category I'm looking for.  Each category has a page where I sort the coupons.  I use baseball card dividers for the pages.

I do take the binder with me on all my planned shopping trips - "just in case" I find a great deal I didn't know about before I got to the store.  I'm still looking for a cute bag or tote, but right now I'm just using a black tote bag even though it's not super cute.  However, like Sister C, I also make a detailed planning list and put all the coupons I KNOW I will use in my small expandable file, sorted by the stores I shop at weekly.  I also keep my ECB card, ECBs, RRs and Cub gas discount codes here. 

So, there you have it.  Option 2.  As a fairly new couponer myself, I'd say to try out a few options small scale until you know what works best for you.  In other words, don't run out and spend $20 on binder making supplies until you know that's what works for you.  The binder I use was $10 (I think) at Walmart and I bought $10 worth of plastic sheets.  I think I mentioned before that I over-organize, right?  Anyway, it was a little much to spend, but it works for me and I've saved enough to cover the expense so I'm okay with it.  Plus, the envelope system stressed me out and I could never find what I was looking for.  My little expandable file and the file box were things I found in my house and re-purposed so I saved there instead. Again, try out a few different ways and do what works best for you.  You'll love your coupons more that way.  :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How I Organize My Coupons

Sister C here.  A question was raised on how I organize my coupons.  So here it is...

This was how I first started using coupons. 
I used note cards marked with a bunch of different categories.
Then I "outgrew" it.
It was more so that it bunched weird.

This is what I switched to.
It opens up into a rectangle, so it's like a box with handles.
I know I'm a crazy coupon lady,
but I like to look cool being one lol

Then, I grabbed one of these out of the dollar section one time at Target.
It's just a small accordian file with 6 tabs, one for each store I shop in Mankato.
When I put together my shopping lists for the week, I just stick the coupons right into their slots.

I have two accordian files actually.  One holds my budget for each category in our household.  You can learn about this method of spending by visiting Dave Ramsey
I love it - you can refer to my Financially Fit Fridays for how this is working for us :D

Thanks for the question, Tahlia

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cheap and Free at Walmart

Walmart isn't my favorite store to shop, but they do have some great deals. Here's a list I like to check from time to time, just to see if there is anything I can get for free or almost free. One word of caution - some of the prices seem to be regional.  Thanks Couponing to Disney, for updating this list:

Quick Tip

For those of you with a Kwik Trip near you - eggs are on sale until May 13th for only $0.99 per dozen, limit 3. I'm thinking scrambled eggs, egg bake, french toast for dinner in the next two weeks. They also have regularly low prices on potatoes, onions, bananas and milk.

Free Carousel Rides at River Hills Mall

Don't forget, every Monday your kiddos can get two FREE carousel rides at the River Hills Mall.  The carousel opens at 11am.  We went a few weeks ago right at 11am and it was not busy - maybe 5 little ones is all.  Too bad Sister C can't handle "baby" rides, my kids only got one ride because I was so dizzy.  I used to love crazy fair rides, what happened to me? 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Print Your New Coupons

It's the First of the Month - which means - NEW COUPONS :D

If you have a Swagbucks account, make sure to print your coupons off there, as you earn Ten Swagbucks for each coupon you redeem.