Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How I Organize My Coupons

Sister C here.  A question was raised on how I organize my coupons.  So here it is...

This was how I first started using coupons. 
I used note cards marked with a bunch of different categories.
Then I "outgrew" it.
It was more so that it bunched weird.

This is what I switched to.
It opens up into a rectangle, so it's like a box with handles.
I know I'm a crazy coupon lady,
but I like to look cool being one lol

Then, I grabbed one of these out of the dollar section one time at Target.
It's just a small accordian file with 6 tabs, one for each store I shop in Mankato.
When I put together my shopping lists for the week, I just stick the coupons right into their slots.

I have two accordian files actually.  One holds my budget for each category in our household.  You can learn about this method of spending by visiting Dave Ramsey
I love it - you can refer to my Financially Fit Fridays for how this is working for us :D

Thanks for the question, Tahlia

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