Monday, January 31, 2011

Menard's Ad 1/30/11

Thanks, Pocket Your Dollars, for putting together this week's matchups for Menard's.

Money Saving Mom's 31 Weeks to a Better Grocery Budget

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom has started a series where every Monday she does a short clip (3+ minutes) on how to help you get your grocery budget under control.  She's already on Lesson 4, but I think for those of you that are new at this, or want to learn a few new tricks, check this out.  We'll try to post her updated lesson each week.  But for now, take 20 minutes and get caught up on her series.  Baby steps.  That's all it is!  No matter where you live, you can cut your grocery budget.  And when that happens, what would you like to do with all that extra money you are saving?!  After our trip to Indiana, I (Sister C) want to pay off 2 loans and start saving big time for our new home!  That's my goal in doing all of this, and every friday I'll update you on our progress!

Go HERE to get caught up on her lessons!  Let me know what you think and what you have learned.

Free Stride Gum

LIKE Stride on Facebook and you'll get yourself a free pack!

Meijer Ad 1/30/11

Go HERE to see what the great deals are at Meijer!  When I stopped at a Meijer while in Indiana I loved it!  They had fantastic deals and I wish I could have done my grocery shopping while on vacation. 

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!

Free Trial of Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses

Do you wear contact lenses?  Check this out HERE.  You can get a free trial pair of contact lenses, plus if you like them, there are rebates when you buy them!

Thanks for the heads up, Karly!

Hamburger Helper Coupon

HERE'S a 50c off coupon for Hamburger Helper.  These go on sale quite often for $1 per box.  Right now, in Mankato they are on sale at Cub for $1, but that ends today. 

Manly Mondays

For those of you in Mankato, head on over to Applebee's after 4pm to grab any of their burgers for only $5!  That's right, $5!  Start off with their wings for $5, too!  What's the best drink to go with those wings and burger?  That's right, beer!  Grab a pitcher of beer for only $5 also!  So, grab your sweetie and head over there.  If she has a burger also, you're looking at $20 for everything.  Make sure to leave your server a great tip!  ;o)

Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

What's on your plate for dinner tonight?

Sister C's fam is going to eat up the nearly free boxes of Yakosoba she got a few weeks ago at Walmart.  I might grill up some chicken to go with it. 

Hy-Vee Text Alerts

If you shop at Hy-Vee, make sure to sign up for their NOWWOW program!  Sister C does!  I receive roughly 1-2 per day, and you pick the time of day you want to receive it.  I also signed up for all alerts, so I get more than some of you may want, which is what I like about this program - you choose how many you want.  If you get unlimited texting through your provider, then sign up for all of them.  Standard rates apply per your cell contract. 

Example - A few weeks ago I received a text for a 12 pk of Coke for 99c!  I'm not a pop drinker, but for that price I buy it and hide it for a special occasion.  I've also received one for 99c Jack's pizza.  There will be a code at the bottom, and you just have the cashier type it in their register.  Easy Peasy!

Rainbow Foods Ad 1/30/11

HERE'S your ad for Rainbow (also Pick n Save and Copp's).  I miss our Rainbow Foods in Mankato.  I always loved that store. 

Thanks for the heads up, Pocket Your Dollars!

Cub Ad 1/30/11 or 2/1/11

HERE'S you Cub Ad for this week.  There's some pretty good sales going on - so check it out!  I'm stocking up on the Wholly Guacamole.  I had that this weekend and it was really good!  I had the spicy flavor, and it was definitely HOT. 

Thanks for the heads up, Pocket Your Dollars!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip is where I go to pick up my papers to get the coupons and ads. 

This week, their eggs are only 99c/dozen!  Cheapest I know of in town. 

Many times their butter is the cheapest in town, but right now it's Aldi. 

Go HERE to sign up for emails with coupons in them.  They will ask you which products you'd like coupons for, I selected all except the tobacco products.  Sorry, not going to show deals on how to get lung cancer ;o)

Aldi Ad 1/30/11

HERE'S your Aldi Ad for this week.  Thanks for the heads up, Pocket Your Dollars!  She also has a great master list of prices for Aldi.  The only difference I noticed was that ours in Mankato had their butter on sale for $1.99, which is the cheapest in town!

Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

What's on your plate for dinner tonight?

Sister C's fam is having sirloins, rice and veggies.  I rarely complain, but the sirloins we bought from Aldi 2 weeks ago were pretty bad (fatty, tough and grissly), so I nicely asked them what they would do and I could swap them out for a different, but equally the same in price.  So I'm trying a thicker sirloin from them.  Hope they are good!

Sister S is servin' up some buffalo chicken wraps. Yum! I even got my hubby looking for ways to save, he only paid $1.50 for a bottle of Frank's Red Hot :o)

How I Get Coupons

I, Sister C, have been following Kristin's 5 a day coupon series at Couponing to Disney for about a year now.  Last summer, I saved up all the fantastic coupons I received from sending emails to companies and went on a spree.  Here's a link to my shop featured on her site.  This is one reason why I can go a week without spending more than $10 at the grocery store for essentials (usually just bread, eggs and crackers).  I like to do this every 2 months, and put the remaining money I didn't spend on groceries into our Indiana Fund or put towards a debt to pay off if the Indiana Fund is stocked. 

How long does it take to do all that emailing?  Not long at all.  Less than 10 minutes a day if you do it daily.  About an hour when I do it on a Saturday or Sunday night.  I took a picture of my shop and you'll see it when you go to that link, and it was just under $100 worth of products.  I bet I saved up for about 10 weeks, so it ends up being about $10/hour in products.  Worth it to me!  PLUS I still had coupons to use up, so I "made" more per hour. 

So, this is one way to help companies know if you like their products or not, PLUS get some fantastic coupons!  I don't receive coupons from all the companies, and some may be just 25c off, but 75% of the companies sent me either high-value coupons ($1-5 off an item) or coupons to get them for FREE!  Give it a shot.  Start following her 5 a day series!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Money Making Senario at Walgreen's 1/30/11

Christie over at Wild for Wags has put together a few different transactions to essentially make money buying some items at Walgreen's this week.  Go and check it out!  I have to learn to clip every coupon now, because even though I may not need some of those items in the transactions, I do need some of them.  And you need all these items to make the deal work.  So for those items I don't need, I will donate them.  So, lesson learned.  Thanks for all your work, Christie!

CVS Ad 1/30/11

I am getting impatient with our store in town.  It's still not open!  hehe  I keep driving by - yesterday they had semi trucks unloading, so that's a good sign!

Take a peak at tomorrow's ad today!  Thanks for the heads up, Deal Seeking Mom!

Target Ad 1/30/11

Want to take a peak at the Target Ad that will come out tomorrow?  Head on over to Totally Target and check it out!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dip Coupon

LIKE Heluva Good! on Facebook and you can print a $1 off coupon for their sour cream dip.  There are a bunch of flavors.  Last time I was at Walmart they were a decent price, so you could get these for free or under a quarter, depending on the price.  For my Indiana Friends, these will be free at Meijer!

Thanks for the heads up, Deal Seeking Mom!

Financially Fit Friday

What is the reason you are wanting to coupon?  Is there something you want to buy and you are trying to save some money to buy it?  Do you need to cut your spending just to make ends meet?  Write down what that goal is, and put it on your refrigerator.  For me, Sister C, it's to save up $300-500 so we can take a trip back to see Gran and Grandpa in Indiana.  (I have others, but that is the first goal to meet.)  So each week, I'll post what my tally is for going and how I earned that money.  Feel free to share your stories!  I would love to hear them!

Deposit this week - $29.81
  • 11.81 in spare change (I pay with cash for just about everything, and rarely use change, so this is leftover from breaking a dollar)
  • $18.00 in leftover tips
Indiana Fund is currently $30.34

Free Crest Mouthwash at Walgreen's through Saturday

Check out Wild for Wags' post on how you can score some free Crest Mouthwash if they are also at your store on clearance.  I'll have to check mine out for you :o)

Free Butterfingers!

Go HERE to print a $1/2 Butterfingers or Butterfingers Snackerz.  Beginning this Sunday, you will be able to swing into Walgreen's and pair it with their in ad coupon of 39c each.  Hand them the manufacturer coupon first, then the Walgreen's one.  The Walgreen's coupon will adjust the price so that there isn't an overage and all you'll have to do is pay tax!  If you don't see the coupon right away, page over a few pages. 

Birthday on a Budget

So E's 5th birthday is tomorrow and she informed me that there needs to be a big sign (banner) and balloons.  But that it should be a surprise to her what kinds they are.  Wow.  Ok, Your Highness.  But after much thought, I realized that even though I (Sister C) don't care for birthday celebrations, that doesn't mean that my kids don't.  So, I ran to the Dollar Store.  Grabbed up these balloons for $1 each and a banner for, yep, $1 :o)  So, before you pay for mylar balloons, check your Dollar Store first.  Otherwise you can drop $20 for a few balloons.  I'd rather spend the other $ on something else!

Plus they had lots of Birthday hats and crowns (I was not going to feed her ego), party favors, and other party decorations.  So make a run to the Dollar Store if you have an upcoming birthday!

Cub Run 1-28-11

Here is Sister C's Cub Run today.  Before I go into detail - before you leave the store (if you have time) or right when you get home you NEED to CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!  They messed up pretty good on mine and I went back and got over $15 BACK. 

*PLUS* Cub changed their coupon policy (effective for all Cubs I was told).  If you have an internet coupon that allows you for a free product without having to buy another product, then they are no longer accepting them.  For example - I had two coupons for a free New York Style product up to $3.99.  Since it did not require me to buy another product in order for me to receive it free and it was printed from the internet, they didn't accept it.  If it's a coupon that comes in the Sunday paper or the company sends it to you, they will still accept that. 

Ok, so here's what I got!

5 Goldfish crackers $1 each = $5
2 Fiber One Bars $2.50 each - used two $2 off coupons (no longer available online) = $1
Fiber One Cereal $4.15 - used B2 Fiber One Bars get Fiber One Cereal Free = FREE
2 Bags Tortilla Chips $1.50 each = $3 (this is not my stocking up price, but needed some for bday party tomorrow)
10 Fuze $1 each - used $5 off WYB 10 Cub Coupon PLUS $3 off WYB 10 manufacturer coupon in the extra Cub booklet (white and blue) = 20c each or $2
Fisherboy fish sticks $3.49 each (on sale from $5.99) = $10.47
Marzetti Veggie Dip $3 - used $1 off coupon = $2
Wholly Guacamole $2 - used $1 off coupon (found at Hy-Vee Hilltop by the Food Should Taste Good chips! = $1
4 Minute Maid OJs $2.50 each - used 2 B1G1 (no longer available to print) = $1.25 each
3 Zone bars $1 each - used $1 off coupon (exp) = 3 for FREE
1 Kikkoman Stir Fry Sauce - $1.72 used $1 off coupon = 72c
1 Kikkoman Ponzu Sauce $2.89 - used buy Kikkoman Sauce get Ponzu Free = FREE
Magic Stars (Cub brand) cereal $1.99 used $2 off Cub brand item WYB $10 worth of products (in white and blue Cub coupon book) = FREE

Total = Just over $29.  Saved over $20 just by using coupons.  I wish Cub tallied in what the original cost was, then coupons then sales to tell us what we saved should we have boughten it at full price!   Maybe I'll send them that suggestion.  But my guess is just buying them on sale saved me over $20 looking at my receipt and knowing what things normally cost (Goldfish are $2.19, Fish sticks were $5.99, Veggie dip usually $4, etc).  

So, lesson to be learned - look at your receipts!  This is the second time I caught major mistakes at Cub.  Get to know your coupons, and watch them ring it up.  If it rings up incorrectly, politely ask them to take a peek at it for you.  If you're nice, they should be too!   

Sunday Coupon Preview

The list for what comes out in the Sunday Paper's coupons is out!  However, just an FYI, sometimes our coupons for Mankato (along with other areas) are a bit different.  There have been times I've boughten 4-6 papers for a specific coupon, and it didn't get included in our region.  So, when you stop by to pick up your papers, double check for 1. That your paper has coupons in them (some people steal coupons out of the paper and put them into another paper so they only have to buy one paper and get more coupons - which is WRONG, don't ever do that!) and 2. That your paper carries the coupons you are looking for so you know how many papers to buy. 

I haven't read through the whole paper yet.  So I don't know how many I will be buying.  I always buy at least two papers (Sister C).

Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

What's on your plate for dinner tonight?

Sister C's fam is having something fishy.  Not sure what.  We already had tuna this week, so I'm kind of tuna-ed out.  I have to run to Cub to use up some fantastic coupons so maybe I'll grab some fish sticks or patties - as long as they are on sale of course!  Cheese fries sound awesome to go with them.  Have you tried Ore-Ida Crunchy Fries - they are the only fries I've found that really do get crunchy in the oven.  I have a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon for them, I may have to make another run to Target.  I'll just have to stay clear of the clearance clothes :o) 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

$20 Bath & Body Gift Certificate for only $10!

Head on over to Groupon to get a great deal on a gift certificate to Bath & Body!  This deal ends today (sorry for the late notice.  I'll do better next time!)  Read the fine print when you check it out - it's for their online store, code expires end of April, 2011, etc. 

No More Rack Deals!

Check out No More Rack for a great deal on Crayola Undersea Adventure game.  It's there for $2 with $2 to ship! 

Mail Call!

Did you get anything good in your mailbox today?  Sister C did!  See!

I received $10 Kohls Cash from my mommy :o)  My son needs MORE uniform pants.  Can't figure out how to keep him from playing and scooting around on his knees.  I also received my $20 P&G rebate!  This offer has since expired, so I won't bother telling you what it was about.  And a postcard from my friend who moved to Florida.  Yeah.  Rub it in that you are sunbathing and we're freezing.  ;o)

Head on over to see what Kristin says about how to get some fantastic coupons.  I did a ton of these (over 100) this past summer, and do a few here and there and I've received so many coupons.  It's definitely worth the 2 minutes it takes to look up some info and email a company to tell them what you think of their products.  I keep it short and sweet and personal, and of course say "Thanks for making a great product" at the end of it.  If they doesn't ask for your address, make sure to put it after you sign your name.  Do a few a day, and you'll start getting fantastic coupons within 2 weeks!  Not all companies send you coupons, some just say "Thanks" for being a loyal customer.  But in a world full of negatives and complaining, it's so nice to get compliments.  Each day Kristin tries to have 5 companies you can email with links to those pages - so it takes less time than what I did!

Target Run

I made a quick trip to Target.  My daughter's birthday is Saturday, so she had $2 in birthday money to use up and she asked to go to the store with a "Red circle and a red circle" :o) 

For those of you in the Mankato area, the girls' clothes section right behind Checkout #7 had some great deals!  Pants and shirts for $1.74!  That's when I'll buy them.  Some are "Christmasy", but some I think are just wintery.  And with E still being at an age where I can buy for her next year, I snagged a few up.  Each Target is different, so check your store out!

Swaggrabber Giveaway!

One of the sites Sister C follows is Swaggrabber.  She's doing a TON of giveaways today, on her SITE plus on FACEBOOK!  She go now and check it out!  Let me know what you win!  And tell her Super Saving Sisters sent you!

Free Redbox Code - Good Thursday 1/27 Only!

Sister C's family never rents a movie.  Only free ones from Redbox!  Are there any good movies you've been waiting to see?

Free movie code is good only today, Thursday 1/27


Thanks for the heads up, Couponing to Disney!

Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

What's on your plate for dinner?

It's Thursday, so Sister C's fam is having something breakfast-y for dinner.  Scrambled eggs most likely.  Maybe some French Toast for the kids. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Current Walmart Deals

I do very little shopping at Walmart.  For things that will cost under a dollar, I'll head there once a month.  For those of you that shop there more often, go HERE to see a matchup of some deals you can catch there.  Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

For a complete list of items that will be under $1, go HERE.  Thanks, Couponing to Disney!

Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

Are you aware that in most packages of Pampers diapers there are codes that you can enter HERE that can add up to some free stuff?  Did you know you don't even have to have a child in diapers to use it?  I've purchases 2 pampers diapers so far, and I already have well over 1000 points saved up.  How?  Pampers will send out free codes for free points!  (And a friend has given me a few of her codes.)  The prizes change every few weeks, so check back every so often.  I'm saving up for Baby S's first birthday at the end of the summer.

Here's a free code worth 42 points!!  VMF776C7HMXXT4A

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Ortega Coupon

Go HERE to get a $1 off 2 Ortega products! 

We love tacos!

Free or Cheap Melissa and Doug Toys!

Have you checked out One Kings Lane?  If not, head there.  New members (free) get a $15 credit!  Which can be applied to your shipping costs!  They have lots of deals on Melissa and Doug toys right now - so don't wait - head over there now!

Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

What's on your plate for dinner tonight?

It's pasta night at Sister C's house.  So that means spaghetti and green beans (I think I have some left, otherwise I'll run over to Hy-Vee and snag up their 3/$2 special!).  I hope my little buddy V will eat it today.  He stopped eating it a few months ago.  Gotta love toddlers!

P&G Coupon Insert

Want to find out which papers will carry the Procter & Gamble coupon insert this Sunday?  Just go HERE to enter your zip and it will tell you!  For the Mankato area, I always buy the St. Paul Pioneer Press as it's only $1 on Sundays vs up to $2 for the other papers.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hy-Vee Ad 1/25/11

I'm really disappointed in Hy-Vee's ad this week, however I may be spending very little money this week.  Which is good!  Here's what I've found from their ad that is great for our family and maybe for yours also...

Midwest Country Fare Veggies 3/$2 - I stock up when they are 77c, so this is a great price!

Chicken of the Sea Tuna 59c

Hy-Vee 100% Natural split chicken breast, drumstick or thighs 99c/lb.  - eh, it's a decent price.  I've seen it go lower.

Coke 12 pk cans or 6 pk bottles 4/$13 - I don't buy pop, is this good?  (Ok, I buy liters when they are 80c-$1)

Campbell's SpaghettiOs or Spaghetti 58c

Hy-Vee Chicken Noodle or Tomato soups 49c

Hy-Vee Mac & Cheese 3/$1

Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.48 (it can go down to $1)

Midwest Country Fare 6 ct Apple Sauce 3/$4 (these too will drop to $1 each)

Cheerios 2/$5 (use $1/3 coupon from paper, but that is still not a stocking up price)

Hy-Vee Salad Blends 2/$4 (Aldi has them for 99c this week)

Boneless beef for stew $2.98/lb (Aldi is either $2.99 or $3.99, I can't remember now sorry!)

Hy-Vee shredded cheese 2/$3 (ok price.  I stock up when it's $1, goes to 4/$5 several times in town)

Honeysuckle White Ground Turkey or Sausage $1.99 (lowest in a while, usually over $2/lb)

Purchase $15 worth of certain Unilever Products and save $5 (This is usually BEFORE coupons, so if you have coupons to match up with these, score an even better deal!)  Coupon in ad.
  • Knorr Sides $1
  • Breyer's Ice Cream $3.68
  • Lipton Tea $3.18
  • Lipton Specialty Tea 2/$4
  • Skippy Peanut Butter$1.77
  • Country Crock $2.99
  • Hellmann's Mayo $3.28
  • Wish Bone Western Dressing or Spritzer $1.99
  • Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 97c
Hy-Vee Ice Cream $1.98

Hy-Vee Biscuits 2/88c

Kleenex 99c (There is a catalina deal with this also, but they are cheaper with Register Rewards at Walgreen's this week)

Mother's Choice Diapers - $12.99 (64-100ct)

The following products are on special 10/$10
  • Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix
  • Campbell's soup (some cooking soups also, but it's still not a stocking up price)
  • Bar S Meat Franks or Bologna
  • Hy-Vee Pretzels (Definitely a stocking up price)
  • Michelina's Meals
  • Hy-Vee English Muffins
  • Del Monte Fruit Naturals
  • Hy-Vee Chunk Light Tuna in a pouch
  • Twice Baked Potatoes
  • Blue Ribbon Boneless Top Loin Pork Chops
What deals are you excited about?  Got any good coupons to match up with them?

Tuesday Tips

Just a little tidbit tip from Sister C for those of you with kids that end up taking one, two or the whole gang with you each time you shop.  If my kids have to go with me, I've curbed their "Can I have this?  Can I have this? Mom, can we get cookies?  Mom, how about this..." by having them be my coupon finders.  There are peelies and blinkies all over the store.  Instead of having literally 100 "Can I have this" asked to me when we grocery shop together, I'm down to maybe 10.  MUCH better.  And instead of saying "No" to the all the time, I just say that I don't have a coupon.  They know I don't buy anything without a coupon (or on clearance, but they don't understand that yet).  It took a few trips to the store, but it's much smoother now.  Or I go at 9pm :o) 

Apple & Eve Fruitables Coupon

This one's for you, Amy :o) 

Go HERE to get a $1 off 2 coupon for Apple & Eve Fruitables products.  I've always wanted to try these!  I've seen the little juice boxes at Target go on sale for under $2 a pack!  So hang on to this one for a bit and I'll keep an eye out for prices.

Walgreen's Run

I, Sister C, made a run to my Hilltop Walgreen's today.  They have Kenny's Licorice on clearance for 39c.  We like the blue flavor :o)  They also had an off brand of Silly Bandz on clearance for 74c each!  I grabbed one for Eve (Pink Beanie Babies) and one for Dirk (SpongeBob).  They have a lot there!  Just look for their 75% off clearance area (they just renovated so I don't know what isle number it is any more). 

Half priced deals

Check out the half priced deals posted on most of the radio station websites. They have some really great deals! I picked up $50 in gift certificates to a favorite restaurant for $25! There are also deals for hotels, car repair, photography studios, and tattoo/body piercing. Discounts typically range from 50 - 87%.

Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

What's on your plate for dinner tonight?

At Sister C's house it's PIZZA NIGHT!  I love pizza.  Especially buffalo chicken.  But I don't think Target carries that kind.  I have a B1G1 catalina printout for their Target brand pizza, plus $1 off coupon to use with it.  I hope they have a good price!  Would be fantastic if they are on sale also!  Otherwise, not sure where I'll get our pizza.

Sister S can't decide, it'll either be lasagna with caesar salad and garlic bread or fish sticks with mac & cheese and french fries. Decisions decisions!

Free Kindle Books

Do you have a Kindle? 

Kristin at Couponing to Disney has a list of free books for you to read on your Kindle. 

FREE New York Style Product Coupon

Get this before it's gone!  A FREE New York Style Product from Wholly Guacamole!  In Minnesota, it says you can buy it at Cub.  In Indiana, head over to Meijer's.  There are other stores also, go HERE to see and click on your state!  You should be able to print two off.  Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!

All gone!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Dads and Daughters book by James Dobson!

Free book by an awesome author!  I have his Bringing up Boys book and I really like it!  So I'm sure this book, Dads and Daughters, will be just as good!

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!

Coupons on Facebook

LIKE the following on Facebook to get some coupons!

Snuggle - $1 off coupon

Nesquick - B1G1 coupon

Tide Stain Release - $1 off coupon (Under Downy's page)

Purex - $1 off Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets (I've tried these, no complaints here)

Nestle Valentine Cookies - $1 off coupon

Jimmy Dean Sausage - $1 off coupon

Hillshire Farms - 55c off coupon


I made a quick run to Target this morning. They're running a promotion called "The Great Save Event" on a bunch of household stuff. Everything from diapers to dvd's. Great deals on tons of stuff and you can pair them with coupons so it's even more fun!


If you do any online purchasing, check out Ebates before you buy!  You get $5 if you are a first time user!  Ebates is an online portal to many online stores (Snapfish, Shutterfly, JCPenney, Kohls, Walgreen's, etc) and you get cash back!  Refer your friends and earn bonus cash or prizes!  Find them on Facebook also!

Menard's Ad 1/23/11

Here's the list of rebates that are available at Menard's this week.  Pocket Your Dollars has a great write up of them and what you need to know about shopping at Menard's using their rebates. 

Grateful Giveaways!

Some of my favorite sites to follow have banned together to give away A LOT of prizes!  You can enter on each site, and they just posted the 13th prize package for the Grateful Giveaways.  You have until Friday, January 28th to enter!  Let me know what you win!

Cub Run

I made a last minute dash to our Cub before our new ad begins tomorrow.  We really like the Progresso soups, so I grabbed 8 more of those.  I think I have 20 in the cupboard.  But I couldn't pass up the stocking up price!  They were on sale this week for $1 each.  I bought 8, used 2 - $1 off 4 coupons exp 1/16/11 plus 2 B2G1 FREE coupons that were at the Hilltop Hy-Vee last week.  Any time I see coupons at a store, I snag up a bunch :o)  So I got 8 soups for $4 (50c each). 

Also, when going to Cub, take a peek at their clearance area.  In both the Hilltop and Riverfront stores they are in the far left corner of the store when you walk through the front doors.  The Hilltop Cub has quite a few shelves always full!  If a coupon ever beeps, it may be because they ring it up as "general merchandise" so they may have to type in the coupon.  Not a big deal at all though!  At the Hilltop today I found 12 pack of Ramen for $1.34 and a box of Jiffy Corn Bread for 28c.   

The clearance above is at the Hilltop Cub NOT in the back clearance.  It's in the #4 Isle.  There were packs of gift card holders that play music for only 75c.  So, if you like to give gift cards at Christmas time and want to dress it up a bit - you might want to swing into Cub.  There were quite a few left.  Along with some other Christmas items.
 At the bottom of your Cub receipts, check for a survey.  Fill it out - I do this about 90% of the time.  You won't win if you don't enter!  And if you remember your cashier's name (usually on your receipt in case you don't), mention that you liked him/her and why.  It's nice to get compliments :o)
And finally a gas discount will print off after your receipt.  You can stack 5 receipts per fill-up and it's good up to 15 gallons.  **PLUS** they calculate your cents off per gallon based on your total BEFORE COUPONS!  So I will usually use up my freebie coupons at Cub as it adds to my total to get cheaper gas :o)  There is a max amount you can save per gallon, and I'll let you know that next time (I need to remember!). 

Manly Mondays

Each Monday, we Sisters will bring you the best deals and stores for "manly" things. 
Today, we're featuring Omega Custom Tackle - Sister C's hubby's favorite tackle for bass fishing.  He practices here in the dead of winter in our basement, throwing lures under a chair aiming at one of the kids' toys :o) 

His favorite lure is the Pro-Mega Structure fishing jig.  Check them out!  Also find them on Facebook!

Here's a note about promos from them...

All orders over $100 receive a FREE copy of "Advanced Jig fishing Techniques!"

All orders over $75.00 receive a FREE OMEGA Hat!

All orders over $50.00 receive a FREE Revelation Swim Jig!

Receive a FREE Derek Remitz Signature Card with the purchase of any Derek Remitz Signature Series football Jig!

A1 Coupon

Go HERE to print a $1 off A1 coupon.  This is C's hubby's favorite steaksauce.  I haven't seen this coupon for several months, so grab it now while you can!  Enter 90210 for the zip if your zip doesn't work.

Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

What's on your plate for dinner tonight?

Sister C's weekly schedule is HERE.  So, something chicken tonight.  Not sure what yet. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aldi Ad 1/23/11

If you're an Aldi lover, go to HERE to check out this weeks deals.  I tried Aldi for the first time in a LONG time tonight, and to be honest, I wasn't pleased with the meat I bought.  It was really tough and grissly (sp?).  I've never done their Double guarantee - can anyone tell me if I can do that with the steak I bought?  They do have the cheapest butter in town this week at $1.99.  I just have to check Kwik Trip before I head back there to buy more.  Their salad is also 99c.  I bought their rice (Like Rice-a-Roni, and it was good!) and turkey and ham sandwich meat for $2.99 each for 16 oz, which is a good price for me! 

Cub Ad Beginning 1/23/11 or 1/25/11

Twin Cities - this ad begins today!  Mankato - this ad begins on Tuesday!

Remember that Cub takes expired coupons, from 3-6 months past their expiration date!  So don't throw away your coupons!

Go HERE to check out a larger selection of sale and coupon matchups.  Thanks, Pocket My Dollars!  

I'll list my favorites...

In ad coupon for $3 off 4 General Mills Cereals - add 2 $1/2 coupons exp. 12/25/10 (or 2/19/11) makes them $1.25 each.  I rarely pay more than $1/box for cereal.  We're getting a bit lower on our stock, so I may snag up 4 boxes.

3/$9 Red Baron Pizzas in ad coupon - add 2 $1 coupons exp. 11/20/10 or 1/3/11 makes them as low as $2 each when you buy 3.  Without the coupon, Red Baron pizzas are cheaper at Walgreen's this week ($2.50 ea)

Minute Maid Ades or Punches 10/$10

Blue Bunny Ice Cream 2/$6 - use $1 printable coupon to get $2 each.  (I've seen them go as low as 2/$4, but not sure if that's going to happen again soon)

Freschetta Pizzas 2/$8 - use 75c off exp 10/31/10 or 11/28/10 to get $3.25 each.  Not bad for a self rising pizza.

Fisher Boy Breaded Seafood $3.49

Eatsmart Naturals Chips 2/$6 - use $1 off exp 12/31/10 to get it at $2 each.  I've seen these go as low as $1/bag at Hy-Vee (but Hy-Vee doesn't accept expired coupons)

And the following are all 10/$10 - Mix or Match, buy 1 or 100!

Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding - use 60c/3 exp 2/28/11 = 80c WYB 3

Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars - use $1 off exp 12/31/10 = FREE (I have 3 of these coupons!)
      or use 55c off coupon that was in today's coupons

Goldfish Crackers!  My kids love these. 

Hamburger Helper - use 75c/3 exp 2/26/11 = 75c each WYB 3

Rotel Diced Tomatoes - use 30c off exp 3/13/11 = 70c each

Marzetti Veggie Dip Coupon

I absolutely LOVE Marzetti Bleu Cheese Dressing.  They're veggie dip is also really good - so go HERE to print a coupon for $1 off!