Sunday, January 30, 2011

How I Get Coupons

I, Sister C, have been following Kristin's 5 a day coupon series at Couponing to Disney for about a year now.  Last summer, I saved up all the fantastic coupons I received from sending emails to companies and went on a spree.  Here's a link to my shop featured on her site.  This is one reason why I can go a week without spending more than $10 at the grocery store for essentials (usually just bread, eggs and crackers).  I like to do this every 2 months, and put the remaining money I didn't spend on groceries into our Indiana Fund or put towards a debt to pay off if the Indiana Fund is stocked. 

How long does it take to do all that emailing?  Not long at all.  Less than 10 minutes a day if you do it daily.  About an hour when I do it on a Saturday or Sunday night.  I took a picture of my shop and you'll see it when you go to that link, and it was just under $100 worth of products.  I bet I saved up for about 10 weeks, so it ends up being about $10/hour in products.  Worth it to me!  PLUS I still had coupons to use up, so I "made" more per hour. 

So, this is one way to help companies know if you like their products or not, PLUS get some fantastic coupons!  I don't receive coupons from all the companies, and some may be just 25c off, but 75% of the companies sent me either high-value coupons ($1-5 off an item) or coupons to get them for FREE!  Give it a shot.  Start following her 5 a day series!

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