Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Purex Crystals and Toothpaste at Target

Crystal at Money Saving Mom shows you how to get FREE Purex Crystals and Colgate toothpaste this week at Target!

Sample Showcase

I just signed up for this package yesterday - I'm excited to see what I get!  Go HERE to sign up so you are ready when they go live on April 4th!  I did sign up for the text alert so that my mommy brain doesn't have to remember :o)

Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

Have you signed up for Gifts to Grow yet?  If not, you should!  You get a bonus 100 bonus points when you do.  I rarely buy Pampers (just because I go by price, not brand) but I have over 1600 points saved up for free toys or gift cards!  I plan on cashing these in for either Baby S's 1st birthday this summer, or for Christmas.

Here are a bunch of codes to get you started!  If any of them say "expired" - please tell me so I can update the list!

Newest one - 10000LatinasFbk


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

$15 Ebay Card for $7!

Groupon is having a great deal!  You can get a $15 Ebay gift card for only $7!  Go HERE to sign up!

Once you are signed up or already have an account, go HERE to see the deal.  Make sure to read the fine print, as with any offer!

Thanks for the heads up, Couponing to Disney!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Walgreen's Diapers $1.99 after Rebate!

Walgreen's has a deal on right now for a $10 mail in rebate!  I haven't seen it print off yet, so I'm not sure if you need to buy a certain number of packages, or reach a certain amount.  Christie at Wild for Wags has a senario up, and it gets them to $1.99/pkg after rebate!  ANYTHING under $2.50 I consider a stockup price.  Even though I do not "need" diapers right now (I still have about 15 in the closet) I can't pass up these prices!  And with a 6 month old, it's not like I won't use them at some point!

If you do not need diapers, consider doing this deal and donating them to a mom you know that needs a little extra help or to your local food shelf!

I'm not supposed to tell you what this is, so just check it out!

WOW!  Check out this deal!  Pair this with the deal at Cub foods this week, and you'll be getting a great deal on the products, PLUS free milk, PLUS something I can't tell you :o)

Go HERE to get some Kellogg's Cereal coupons also to match up with the Cub deal!

Thanks for the heads up, Joni!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Oh I have finally had a shop worth taking a picture of!

First transaction (Spring is coming, and with 4 kids under 7 that are going stir crazy from winter, I'm sure these will be much needed) -

Bandaids $4.39
Neosporin $5.99 - used $1.50 off Neo & Bandaid (SS 03/27/11 exp 4/30/11)
Plus used $5 EBC (Coke) and $3 EBC (Hershey's) from last week

Total 88c + tax
Received $5 ECB (Neosporin/Bandaid)

Transaction 2

2 Halls Cough Drops $1.99 ea, on sale for $1.87 each - used B1G1 Peelie (from Hy-Vee display) = 94c ea
Stove Top Stuffing $2.19, on sale for 77c - used 50c printable = 27c
Skintimate Cream $3.39 - used 55c coupon (SS 3/27/11, exp 5/11/11) = $2.84
10 M&M Easter Eggs 99c ea - used $2/2 Mars Easter Candy All You + 4 $2/2 Mars Easter Candy printable (NLA) = FREE
Used $5 ECB (Neosporin/Bandaid) from Transaction 1 (Took off $4.98)

Total $0 + tax
Received $1 ECB (Green Tag) + $2 ECB (Halls) + $2.50 ECB (Skintimate)

Summary - 98c + tax, saved 28.96

My goal is to use my ECBs each week to get more and more free products (very little OOP) and add to my ECBs to use up next week!  Jump in and join me!

Aldi 3/27/11

Thanks, Pocket Your Dollars, for this extensive Aldi list! 

Sunday Funday

You know what's fun?  Blessing someone.  I challenge you to take a moment today to bless someone's life.  Whether you shovel your neighbor's sidewalk (thankful for no snow here!), pay for the customer in front of you at the store, make your parents dinner, call a long lost friend, or send a thank you card to someone who made your day - do something!  It really doesn't take that much time, and you can make someone's day very special by doing something so little. 

Now, don't be a chicken.  Go bless someone!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

4 for 3 Promotion at

4-for-3 BooksAmazon has a promotion right now where you buy 3 items and you get the 4th FREE!  There are pages and pages of items that are included in this promotion!  I just ordered 4 Max Lucado books (recommended by my pastor).  I cannot wait to read these!  And I paid ZERO DOLLARS out of my pocket because I used my Swagbucks! 

CVS Ad 3/27/11

Thanks, Pocket Your Dollars, for this week's coupon/ad matchups!  She has a few different deal ideas on how to get more bang for your buck :o)

PLUS, print this coupon for a $2/2 Mars Easter candy which will get you some free Mars Eggs at CVS starting tomorrow!  Great "stocking stuff" for your Easter basket! :o)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview

Preview this coming Sunday's coupons HERE.  Are there any coupons you are looking forward to getting?

Town and Country Ad 3/23/11

Thanks, South Suburban Savings, for putting together this week's coupon/ad matchups!

What are you looking forward to buying this week?

FREE Benefiber at Target

While you're at Target getting your cheap dog food, make sure to grab some FREE Benefiber Sticks also.  I "bought" these (got them for FREE) a few weeks ago, and it's actually not bad!  I'm not a big orange flavor person, but this tasted pretty good.  I just noticed they also have a cherry pomegranate flavor, I would have rather tried this!  I'll have to see if they have it next time. 

Stack the following coupons and you'll get these for FREE! 

Thanks for the heads up, Money Saving Mom!

Cheap Dog Food at Target!

There is a new $3 off coupon for Pedigree, and rumor has it that Target has the smaller bag on sale for just $4 through April 2nd.  The coupon has no size restrictions, so if your little pup needs some nourishment, make sure to print off a couple and head over to Target! 

Thanks for the heads up, Money Saving Mom!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hy-Vee Ad 3/22/11

UPDATE - Sister C apologizes for posting last week's deals on this week's post :o(  So sorry!  The link below is the one for the week beginning 3/22/11 and ending 3/28/11  I was wondering why my coupon matchups were not making sense when I went to the store yesterday!

Here's your Hy-Vee ad/coupon matchups!  I hear there is a catalina that prints out for $1.50 off your next purchase when you buy Hamburger Helper (WYB3) so pair that with your coupon and that's a pretty sweet deal.  Thanks for the heads up on that deal, Karly!

Thanks, Little People Wealth, for putting together the post this week!

Huggies Deals at Walgreen's

Do you need some baby wipes?  This isn't a bad price (not as good as the Amazon deal I posted a few weeks ago, but not sure that will come around again too soon) for some baby wipes.  I really like Huggies Thick and Clean wipes.  They are strong and you don't feel like the "stuff" will come through the wipe when cleaning up your little one :o)  Christie shows you how to get a pack of 216 (3 refills) for $3.49. 

Head on over to Wild for Wags to see this deal!

FREE Uncle Ben's!

Ok, I've been trying this off and on all day.  I hope it works for you!

Go HERE to request your FREE Uncle Ben's!

Folger's $2 off Coupon

Not sure if we will still get one, but rumor has it when you sign up for their e-club, you get high value coupons!  This is Hubby R's requested coffee, and I will not pay full price for coffe (not that I do for anything else!).  Several people have reported getting a $2 off coupon!  Print this twice and pair it with a B1G1 store sale and that's how I stock up on coffee!

Thanks for the heads up, Totally Target!

Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

FREE Timberwolves Tickets!

If you are a Minnesota Timberwolves fan - make sure to stop by Cub Foods soon!  At the Madison Avenue location they have a display just to the right of the yogurts where you can find a form to fill out to get FREE Timberwolves tickets when you buy 2 Hormel products (I will try to remember to double check if it's just the pepperoni or if another product is in on it).  I didn't have time to read over the fine print, so I'll try to remember to actually grab the form and bring it home next time!  I am not a Wolves fan, so I didn't even think to grab it for you guys :o( 

What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store

I came across this post from Carrie at Pocket Your Dollars.  I thought it was interesting.  There are very few things I buy at the dollar store, food is usually on that list like she points out. 

What I do buy is...

*  Party Decorations - especially mylar balloons.  They have "cool" ones, like Disney Princesses and Transformers, not just generic ones. 

*  Hair clips for my daughter, since she loses them. 

*  Coloring books.  Sometimes.  When I can find those really thick ones.  Not the ones with only 20 pages. 

What do you buy at the Dollar Store?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Menards Ad 3/20/11

Heading to Menards?  Then check out this week's ad for the deals and rebates you can grab while there!  I had $3 in rebates to roll into this week, but I spent it on potting soil so I could repot some of the plants I received from Dad's funeral.  The one I've done so far looks really nice!  Now I just need 2 hours, no kids and some beautiful planters to finish the ones I have yet to do!

Thanks, Pocket Your Dollars!

Cub Ad 3/20/11 or 3/22/11

Thanks, Pocket Your Dollars, for putting together this week's ad/coupon matchups! 

I don't see too much that I want.  I might swing in, just because I like looking at their clearance :o) 


Yes, that would be my 5-year-old daughter grabbing candy.

So, I found an awesome lady that said she'd make me a list to get at CVS based on the ECBs and coupons I had, and also based on my "needs".  I told her that I was just looking for some Easter candy, the rest was up to her.  (I had $9.99 in ECBs and a $5/$25 purchase)  Well, I realized that my $5 coupon expired yesterday, so I didn't do her senario.  HOWEVER, when I got to the store, I asked if I could still use that coupon even though it was expired by a day, and they said yes!  YIPPEE!  So, with a birthday party coming up this weekend, I figured a few 2-liters were necessary, the rest will be hidden. 

3 Planters Flavor Grove on sale for $2 each, used $1 off coupon from a tear pad for each one = $2.84
  • Note - One only rang up as $1.84.  Thus putting me short 16c to get an extra $5 ECB.  I've never before been upset about being charged "too little."  But the nice thing about CVS, is that they keep a running total for my purchases, so I just go back tomorrow and buy another pop and get the ECB.  If this was Walgreen's, I'd be out of luck. 
9 Coke 2 Liters on sale for 3/$3 = $9
2 Hershey's Kisses with Almonds 2/$5, used $2/2 (SS 01/30/11 exp 3/31/11) = 2/$3
2 York Peppermint Patties 2/$6, used $2/2 (SS 01/30/11 exp 3/31/11) = 2/$4

Used $9.99 ECB from last week, plus the $5/$25 purchase coupon from CVS emailer

Total $3.85 + tax, received $5 Easter Candy ECB (and will get $5 ECB from Coke/Kraft when I buy 16c more of their products) and saved $39.09

My goal is to buy things here every week, spending less than $5 out of pocket, and having more ECBs to roll into next week's deals!  Jump in any time!  You may spend a few extra dollars the first week you start, but after 2 weeks, you should be right where I am :o) 

*Update.  I'm reading over my receipt and my ECB at the bottom says it's $5 from Coke/Kraft.  And my Hershey's did NOT print off.  I'll have to ask on this.  I thought I made sure to grab the candy that was in on the deal.  And if they gave me my Coke/Kraft without that extra 16c, then sweet!


SCORE!  I just got my first BzzKit from BzzAgent today!  Here's what I received...

  • The Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning BzzGuide - My friends know I hate cleaning, so any tips are welcomed!
  • 1-4oz Glade Limited Edition Spring Collection jar candle, Sparkle of Spring fragrance - This is very subtle, which I like.  I'm not into strong fragrance.  I'm actually sniffing it as I type this post :o)
  • 1 Glade PlugIns Scented Oil refill.  I have a Long Lasting PlugIn already.  This one is Crisp Waters fragrance, which is also really nice.  I love spring fragrances (not so much big flowery smells, more like hang-your-laundry-out-to-dry type smells.  My refills ran out, so this was PERFECT timing!  So far I really like it.
  • 1 Pledge Lemon Clean aerosol spray.  I have a limited amount of wooden furniture in our house, so I haven't used this yet.  The main furniture is our bedroom set, which really needs a nice dusting.  So I'll give this a shot whenever I have a day off to clean.
  • 1 - 20oz bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer with Extend-A-Clean.  Anything that will clean my shower for 4 days at a time, I'm willing to try!  LOL!  Will keep you updated how this goes.
  • 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel Kit.  I've wanted to try these, but never wanted to buy them and always missed a great sale.  It's already in the toilet.  And I just cleaned the toilet yesterday, so we'll see how well it does with a family of 6 (4 1/4 of us are potty trained haha!).
  • A booklet of coupons!  And I just read I had to share with people.  I don't like to share.  But I will.  Stay tuned in the next 2 weeks and I'll put together a giveaway!  And they are nice coupons - $1-$3 for a bunch of them!
HERE is my previous post about what BzzAgent is all about!

Last Day for $5 Amazon Gift Card from Viewpoints!

Viewpoints is giving away a $5 Amazon gift card for writing 5 product reviews!  This is another way I add to my account at Amazon.  This time, it's only 700 words, instead of their normal 900! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

CVS Ad 3/20/11

I have $9.99 in EBCs to use up at CVS, I'll have to find a nice deal to pair that with to get even more EBCs and keep them rolling every month! 

Thanks, Couponing to Disney, for putting this list of deals together for us!

Walgreen's Deals starting 3/20/11

There's some nice deals starting tomorrow at Walgreen's.  Thanks, Wild for Wags, for putting this list together for all of us!

OR, check out Thrifty Texas Penny's senarios.  I think I like her's better, only because you end up making almost $20 in CASH!  Great way to add to your emergency fund, or pay off some debt!  Maybe I'll do both set of deals! 
I'm really going to try to do these each week, to restock my pile of just about everything I can. 

Are there a few things you don't need on the list?  Still get them to make the deal senarios work, and donate them to someone you know that needs it or to your local charity.  Your great deal finds can bless someone that hasn't quite come to love couponing yet ;o)

Great Coupon - Print Now!

There is a coupon for $4/4 when you buy any combonation of 6oz or larger Bugles Corn Snacks, Chex Mix, Gardetto's Snack Mixes or any Betty Crocker fruit flavored snacks!  That's $1 each one when you buy four for those of you that need help with the math!  lol  It says on the screen that it's only good at a certain store, but when you print it, it only says "Manufacturer's Coupon"!  So go print two right now!  Doesn't expire until 4/18/11.

Thanks for the heads up, Wild for Wags!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Financially Fit Friday

Today I deposited $6.07 in spare change + $3 Pinecone Survey check. 

Total deposited today = $9.07

I'm going to be honest, I have no idea what our talley is for restocking our emergency fund plus saving for Indiana.  :o(  My goal this weekend is to sort that all out.  We are currently switching some of our accounts to another bank.  Our "main" bank no longer gives us free checks, so I'm switching things around so I can use up the boxes of checks I do have in another bank so I don't have to buy any more for our "main" bank :o)  I'm such a tightwad.  And I'm ok with that!  We did do our taxes, so I'm looking forward to that! 

Our goals are to...

Restock the Emergency Fund back to $1000 (currently between $500-$600)
Restock the Indiana Fund back to $500-$600
Pay off Stupidity Loan ($1899)
Pay CASH for a Second Vehicle (depends how much we have leftover from taxes haha!)
Pay CASH for our health insurance (no idea, ours expires in 2 weeks, so I should start researching that!)

Oh the list goes on and on.  But For those of you that follow our progress, I think this is enough for now. :o)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hy-Vee FREE Milk!

If you buy 3 Kellogg's cereals at Hy-Vee from now until April 9th you'll receive a catalina coupon for FREE milk!  Keep this in mind for future sales!  This week's isn't the best for Kellogg's unless you have some high-value coupons.  Hopefully next week! 

Pinecone Research Accepting Applications

This is my favorite paid survey site so far.  You get $3 for each Pinecone Research Survey.  What's also night about it, is that it usually takes me less than 20 minutes (I think the one I did yesterday was only 10 minutes), and you are never asked to "qualify" for a survey.  If they send you a survey, you'll be able to finish it and get paid!  The check usually comes the following week!  It's an easy way for me to earn some money while winding down for the day.  I've even been paid to sample brand new products not even on the market yet :o)  I love those!

Hurry, thought, if you are interested.  These are usually not open very long. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

31 Weeks to a Better Grocery Budget

Did Week 8 get skipped?  Sorry!  I thought I was all caught up for you! 

And Week 9 you can now see. 

Are you learning anything to help your budget?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Walgreen's Deals!

UPDATE - I stopped in the Mankato Hilltop Walgreen's and their sign said $6.99 each or 2/$8.99.  You can still get a great deal though!  $2.50 for a pack of diapers is still below "Stocking Up Price"!!!

WOW!  I think the diaper deal is back!  Walgreen's is running their B1G1 on their store brand diapers.  Pair that with the $2 off coupon in their Infant Care booklet found usually around the cosmetics (or tell the cashier to type in "2844" and it takes $2 off EACH bag, including the free one!  Walgreen's in Mankato runs their diapers usually for $6.99 (or 2/$8.99) making this deal $1.50 $2.50 per bag!  You should see my closet, it's got 10+ packages of diapers, and I'm going to buy more! 

(If you do not need diapers, consider buying these and donating them!  You can bless someone else with your deals!)

Walgreen's also has a B1G1 on Right Guard Deodorants.  This is the only kind of deodorant that works for Hubby R, so I'm pairing this deal with the coupon that came out yesterday (B1G1) to get TWO FREE!  I don't remember the last time I paid for deodorant (or shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc lol). 

Walgreen's also has some great Excedrin moneymaking deals!  Check that out HERE!

Also get FREE Clearasil at Walgreen's also!  Check that deal HERE!

Thanks, Wild for Wags, for the heads up on the Excedrin and Clearasil!

Deal on M&Ms at CVS

There is a coupon on RedPlum for B2G1 M&Ms.  It doesn't specify size, so I'm thinking that you can grab up some M&Ms at CVS for pretty cheap.  They have their bigger bags on special for B1G1, so if you grab 3 bags, you should only have to pay for one of them by matching THIS coupon with their sale!  I might try it and hide them from everyone and save them for Easter.  If I do this tonight, I'll let you know how it turns out!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

14 Free Items at OfficeMax after MaxPerks!

Thanks, Couponing to Disney, for posting what we can get for free after our MaxPerks Rewards! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meijer Super Saturday Deals

Are you near a Meijer?  I like heading to this store whenever I'm in Indiana visiting family.  This is just for today - are you heading there?

I noticed the Buy 10 get $5 off instantly.  These are $1 items and I know I have some coupons for 50c off, which would make them FREE!  Some good ones on the list are Ragu Pasta Sauce, Popsicles and Suave shampoo.  (I have 50c off Suave, too bad I'm not near a Meijer!)

Thanks for the heads up, Deal Seeking Mom!

CVS Ad 3/13/11

This ad is starts tomorrow!  There's a few money making deals, so make sure to grab a paper tomorrow to get the coupons to make them work! 

Thanks, South Suburban Savings!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Walgreen's Ad 3/13/11

Check out your deals at Walgreen's beginning this Sunday!  Stay tuned, Christie from Wild for Wags always puts together a deal senario, but you can take a peak at the ad now. 

$5 Amazon Gift Card from Viewpoints

One way I, Sister C, add money to my Amazon account (besides Swagbucks) is by doing product reviews on Viewpoints.  It's very easy!  Check out the details HERE

Thanks for the heads up, Couponing to Disney!

Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

Sister C and kids are heading to Wisconsin to visit Sisters S & M (and Mom and the non-super sister).  We have some great family that is making us food this week, and I'm looking forward to it!  Supposedly tonight is cheesy hashbrowns and pulled pork sandwiches.  YUM! 

What's on your menu plan for tonight?

Free Bic Lighter

Complete a very short survey for a FREE Bic Lighter!  I don't smoke but used these for candles.  And we're due for a new one!
Thanks for the heads up, Couponing to Disney!

Hy-Vee Ad 3/8/11

HyVee ad logo for coupon matchups
Thanks, Frugal Tips by Little People, for this week's Hy-Vee ad/coupon matchups!

I ran to Hy-Vee yesterday and picked up a few things.  Their 2-day sale (which ends today - Friday) is decent.  I found a few goodies.  What are you looking forward to?

Free Filet-o-Fish at McD's Today!

V is sitting by me in the chair as I type this.  I had to delete the McDonald's logo so he would stop screaming, "SEE!  DONALD'S!  HAPPY DONALD'S!"  :o) 

Anyways, today only you can get a B1G1 Fish Filet!  I actually like these sandwiches.  I don't care for most of their food (ok, fresh french fries are a nice treat!), but I really like Lent when these go on special so I can splurge and get some! 

Not all McD's will be doing this, so call your local McD's or ask before you order. 

Thanks for the heads up, Couponing to Disney!

Free Dove Men's Deodorant at CVS

Print this coupon to grab some free Dove Men's deodorant at CVS this week!

Thanks for the heads up, Money Saving Mom!

Sunday Coupon Preview

Go HERE to check out the coupons that will be coming out on Sunday!  Are you looking forward to any of them in particular?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

FREE $20 Target Gift Card!

If you are not already a member of Plum District, today is the day to get going!  If you refer 4 friends to sign up, you'll receive a FREE $20 gift card to Target!  If you're friends get 4 friends to sign up, they too will receive a $20 gift card! 

Post your referral link in the comments below!  I'll let you know once I'm at 4 so my friends can help you out instead!

Thanks for the heads up, Couponing to Disney!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

31 Weeks to a Better Grocery Budget - Week 7 & 8

Crystal from Money Saving Mom has Week 7 and Week 8 up.  I apologize for being a week late!  Will you ever forgive me? ;o) 

Have you learned something you can apply to your grocery shopping habits yet?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Clips - Cheap Haircuts

Great Clips is having a $7.99 haircut sale!  This is when I wish I could "stock up" on haircuts! :o)

They are also giving away free haircuts for a year!  Go HERE to enter!  Good luck!

Publix Ad 3/9/11

HERE'S your Publix ad for this week.  Any good deals you're looking forwards to?

Thanks for the heads up, Couponing to Disney!

Buca di Beppo FREE Ziti!

Are you near a Buca di Beppo?  Then print THIS coupon for a FREE Ziti!

I love pasta.  Yum!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

FREE Beauty Bag from Target! HURRY!

I'm positive this one will not last long!

Go HERE to get yours! 

Thanks for the heads up, Couponing to Disney!

Mail call!

Keep an eye out for the Cub circular that comes in the mail. It has a coupon for $5 off a $50 purchase along with a lot of BOGO's and 2-fers.

Sunday Funday

You know what's fun?  Blessing someone.  I challenge you to take a moment today to bless someone's life.  Whether you shovel your neighbor's sidewalk, pay for the customer in front of you at the store, make your parents dinner, call a long lost friend, or send a thank you card to someone who made your day - do something!  It really doesn't take that much time, and you can make someone's day very special by doing something so little. 

Now, don't be a chicken.  Go bless someone!

FREE Physician's Formula Eye Boost!

The site is a bit slow, but stick with it.  Head on over to Physician's Formula to score yourself FREE Eye Booster!   ALL GONE!

Thanks for the heads up, Couponing to Disney!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gander Mountain Clearance

Gander Mountain® > Hunting, Fishing, Camping, and Outdoor Gear & Equipment : We Live Outdoors®Hubby R was told to head up to the Mankato Gander Mountain because they are clearing out their warehouse.  WOW!  He bought $60+ worth of fishing lures for $13.  Nice work :o)  Your wife is proud! 

Most were 40% off, but he kept searching around and there were many items up to 90% off!  If you're in  need of some great fishing tackle, reels or poles, head on up there now!

Hey, Mom! What's for Dinner?

Sister S is at our parents' house, so she's getting served :o)  Sloppy Joes I believe it is. 

Sister C bought those pork loins but forgot to buy mashed potatoes.  SO, now I'm not sure what I'll make with it.  Any suggestions? 

Cub Run

Sister S had some nice deals, so Sister C had to run to Cub also!  With 4 kids, so my appologies to all the customers for my naughty 2-year-old.  I got out of there as soon as I could. 

Grapes $2.99/lb - 1.2 lbs - $3.59 - used 1st lb free Cub Coupon = 60c
Bisquick $4.25 (forgot to print off a coupon) = $4.25
Kraft 5pk $4.59 - used in ad coupon to make them $2.99 + $1 off Kraft 5 pk = $1.99
4 Malt-o-Meal Cereals $2.50 - used in ad coupon to make them $1.75 + 2 - $2/2 Coupon (expired) = 75c each
Super Chill Pop (caffeine fix) = 88c
2 Arnold Breads = $2 each
2 Hormel Pork Fillets $10.28 ea - used B1G1 Cub mailer coupon + 2 - $1 off coupons = $4.14 each
2 Fisher Boy products $5.99 ea - used B1G1 Cub mailer coupon + 2 - 75c off coupons = $1.50 each
2 Daninmals Yogurts $2 ea - used 2 - $1 off coupons (SS 02/27/11) = $1 each
Cool Juice $2.69 - used free product coupon (NLA) = FREE
Plus used the $5/50 from Cub mailer

Total = $26.49 + tax (which was 6c on the pop)
Received 6c off per gallon at Cub Fuel (I love how it's before coupon price!)
Saved $40.05 (60%)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Town & Country Market Ad 3/3/11

HERE'S your coupon matchups for T&C this week.  Any good deals you're looking forward to?

Thanks, South Suburban Savings!