Monday, March 28, 2011

Walgreen's Diapers $1.99 after Rebate!

Walgreen's has a deal on right now for a $10 mail in rebate!  I haven't seen it print off yet, so I'm not sure if you need to buy a certain number of packages, or reach a certain amount.  Christie at Wild for Wags has a senario up, and it gets them to $1.99/pkg after rebate!  ANYTHING under $2.50 I consider a stockup price.  Even though I do not "need" diapers right now (I still have about 15 in the closet) I can't pass up these prices!  And with a 6 month old, it's not like I won't use them at some point!

If you do not need diapers, consider doing this deal and donating them to a mom you know that needs a little extra help or to your local food shelf!

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