Monday, March 21, 2011


Yes, that would be my 5-year-old daughter grabbing candy.

So, I found an awesome lady that said she'd make me a list to get at CVS based on the ECBs and coupons I had, and also based on my "needs".  I told her that I was just looking for some Easter candy, the rest was up to her.  (I had $9.99 in ECBs and a $5/$25 purchase)  Well, I realized that my $5 coupon expired yesterday, so I didn't do her senario.  HOWEVER, when I got to the store, I asked if I could still use that coupon even though it was expired by a day, and they said yes!  YIPPEE!  So, with a birthday party coming up this weekend, I figured a few 2-liters were necessary, the rest will be hidden. 

3 Planters Flavor Grove on sale for $2 each, used $1 off coupon from a tear pad for each one = $2.84
  • Note - One only rang up as $1.84.  Thus putting me short 16c to get an extra $5 ECB.  I've never before been upset about being charged "too little."  But the nice thing about CVS, is that they keep a running total for my purchases, so I just go back tomorrow and buy another pop and get the ECB.  If this was Walgreen's, I'd be out of luck. 
9 Coke 2 Liters on sale for 3/$3 = $9
2 Hershey's Kisses with Almonds 2/$5, used $2/2 (SS 01/30/11 exp 3/31/11) = 2/$3
2 York Peppermint Patties 2/$6, used $2/2 (SS 01/30/11 exp 3/31/11) = 2/$4

Used $9.99 ECB from last week, plus the $5/$25 purchase coupon from CVS emailer

Total $3.85 + tax, received $5 Easter Candy ECB (and will get $5 ECB from Coke/Kraft when I buy 16c more of their products) and saved $39.09

My goal is to buy things here every week, spending less than $5 out of pocket, and having more ECBs to roll into next week's deals!  Jump in any time!  You may spend a few extra dollars the first week you start, but after 2 weeks, you should be right where I am :o) 

*Update.  I'm reading over my receipt and my ECB at the bottom says it's $5 from Coke/Kraft.  And my Hershey's did NOT print off.  I'll have to ask on this.  I thought I made sure to grab the candy that was in on the deal.  And if they gave me my Coke/Kraft without that extra 16c, then sweet!


  1. ECBs print off if you're close, even if you're a bit short. I'm not sure how much is "a bit", but apparently at least 16 cents. And I don't know if the Yorks were included in the candy deal. That might be why.

  2. nice work Carrie I am going tomorrow and have $39 ECB =) Not much on my list this week so I hope to get out of there $0