Saturday, March 19, 2011

Walgreen's Deals starting 3/20/11

There's some nice deals starting tomorrow at Walgreen's.  Thanks, Wild for Wags, for putting this list together for all of us!

OR, check out Thrifty Texas Penny's senarios.  I think I like her's better, only because you end up making almost $20 in CASH!  Great way to add to your emergency fund, or pay off some debt!  Maybe I'll do both set of deals! 
I'm really going to try to do these each week, to restock my pile of just about everything I can. 

Are there a few things you don't need on the list?  Still get them to make the deal senarios work, and donate them to someone you know that needs it or to your local charity.  Your great deal finds can bless someone that hasn't quite come to love couponing yet ;o)

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