Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walgreens Tidbit

A question arised on Facebook from Amber...

The Walgreens on Madison Ave is 24 hrs, but their new ad prices aren't fully into the computer system until 4am Sunday morning.  At midnight they can manually change all the prices in the new ad but you will NOT get Register Rewards - they don't print out until that 4am timeframe.  Sister C will ask another manager the next time I am there, just to make sure that's the deal.  I never take one employee's answer until another one matches it :D  So, if you want to grab those Register Reward deals, you'll have to wait until Sunday morning to take advantage of those deals.  I'm assuming the Walgreen's Downtown would NOT have theirs the night before as they close at 10pm but I will ask them just to make sure.  I'm also assuming the Walgreens in North Mankato is the same as the Madison Avenue one, but will still ask when I head over there next. 

Thanks for the question, Amber - I learned something new!

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