Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tips

When Sister C's family has to travel, I like to make a trip uptown before we leave for our snacks for on the way.  We had a 500 mile trip (one way) to Hubby R's family this week, and we could EASILY spend $75 in snacks at rest stops, gas stations and fast food each way for our family of six.  So instead, I'll start "stocking up" on snacks a week, maybe two, before we leave.  For this trip, I spent around $20 on snack bars, chips, candy and drinks.  Then we stopped for lunch only on our way and spent about $15.  Our family saved $40 just getting to Indiana!  AND we still have stuff leftover to eat on the way home!  I've started a little "Travel Stash" of goodies in our closet when I see candy on clearance or when I can get drinks for super cheap.  It's saved us A LOT of money that can be used for a little splurge when we get to Indiana, like taking Grandpa out for dinner, or saving that to put towards our fund for coming back to Indiana.  :o) 

In what ways do you save on snacks for traveling?  In the past we've brought our cooler with and stocked that with milk, cheese, bread and sandwich meat so we don't have to stop at a fast food restaurant at all, but we needed the space in our vehicle this time around. 

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