Friday, December 2, 2011

HUGE Disney Princess and/or Barbie Deal!!

Ok, if you have a Disney Princess or Barbie lover to buy for this Christmas, you need to download this rebate!

Free Disney Princess Transforming Castle with $15* Purchase of Disney Princess Product by Mattel®Buy $15 purchase of Disney Princess product(s) by Mattel and receive a Disney Princess Transforming Castle FREE by mail!  I doubt you'd get it by Christmas unless you try sending it off tomorrow or Monday morning, but these deals usually take a while to get.  However, my little princess' birthday is in January.  Our idea is to buy her Christmas presents with these deals (which are on her Christmas lists) and we'll have her birthday presents for FREE!!  (Wait, there's a $3 shipping and processing fee...whatever lol  $3 for a castle!) 

It's a $19.99 value!

And if you have a Barbie lover (yes, our little princess is asking for these, PLUS she's a huge horse fan!), download this rebate!  Buy $15 worth of Barbie Product(s) by Mattel and get Barbie Doll & Tawny Horse Set!  There is a $3 shipping and processing fee blah blah blah.

Barbie® & Tawny™ Horse SetIt's a $21.99 value! 

I saw these deals at Shopko where I found a tear pad for the form that I found a downloadable form for you.  I found the Barbies were on sale at Shopko, however I haven't bought Barbies in years, so I really have no idea what's the best price.  A single Barbie was just over $6.  Last year I saw them go down to $5.  I might splurge on the $6 in order to get these deals in the mail asap :D  Getting these free items is worth it to me!

Both of these say to buy the products at "this retailer" - has anyone seen these tearpads anywhere else?  Keep your eyes open!  Otherwise, I'll be buying these this weekend in order to get these deals off in the mail quickly since our little princess' birthday is in January.  It says to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.  So, I need to get going! 

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