Friday, January 13, 2012

Update - End of Year To Do List

Remember my massive To Do List to ring in the new year with a cleaner home?  Well I haven't updated in a week, but I have been doing pretty good.  I redid the kids' chore charts to help keep the house more organized.  The places I've cleaned and posted before and after pics of, those have been kept that way pretty well!  Clutter can take over my home so easily, so I decided to work my way through the house one room at a time, yet keeping the previously cleaned areas clean at the end of every day so I don't fall back into chaos. 
I try to grab at least one thing every time I get up and move, especially the living room floor, and put it where it goes.  I really want the first room you walk into in my home to be clean so my focus is always the living room.
Then I try to keep up with the dishes - oh how I long for the day when I have a dishwasher.  The loads of dishes I have with our family of six takes no time at all to fill my itty bitty counterspace. 
Today, I finished cleaning our master bedroom!  It's not a storage dump any more!!!  I tried getting the mirror up off the floor, but it doesn't fit where I wanted to put it, so it will remain there until we move.  Oh well. 

Entry Way Before
Living Room/Entry Before
Living Room Before

Living Room Before

Kitchen/Dining Room Before

Our Bedroom Before

Stairs Closet Before

Bathroom Hall Closet Before
Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before

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