Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday WOW

Because I am often a kitchen disaster waiting to happen, I thought I'd share two kitchen tips I came across while taking a study break on Pinterest.  The first is one I should have tried tonight when I was making noodles and boiled the water over - AGAIN!  (I watched that pot like a hawk and as soon as I turned away it spilled all over the stove.  Thank goodness I have flat top electric range.)  According to the author of the tip, putting a wooden spoon across the top of the pot will prevent boiling water from spilling over.  I'm not 100% sure I buy this, but I think I owe it to my stove to give it a try!  Let us know if you try it and it works - or not.
The second is a kitchen cleaning tip that I need to try on a baking sheet.  Not sure how I'm going to adapt it yet for that, but it looked promising so I bookmarked it just in case.  It's a step by step method for cleaning burnt pans without harsh chemicals and with great results:1. Fill the bottom of the pan with a layer of water, about 1 cup.  2. Add 1 cup vinegar.  3. Bring the pan to the boil. It should be looking a bit cleaner already.  4. Remove the pan from the heat and add 2 tablespoons baking soda. Expect fizz!  5. Empty the pan and scour as normal, if necessary add an extra bit of dry baking soda.  6. If there are any super stubborn marks that don't come off with scouring, make a paste of baking soda and a couple of drops of water. Leave the paste on the marks for a while and return to clean as normal.  7. Tad-ah! Now you can put your feet up and enjoy the many hours you saved yourself standing over the sink.  
Thanks to aparment therapy for this tutorial.  You can view the original HERE.

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