Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Way to get Coupons!

One of my favorite ways to get coupons is to do Kristin's 5-A-Days.  This is how I got hooked on Couponing to Disney!  In a world with so much negativity, I thought this was one way to give positive feedback to companies, and in turn I've gotten several high-value coupons.  It's fun to send out emails and to get letters and coupons in the mail shortly afterwards!  So, check her list out.  She does a new list of 5 companies each day.  I don't know some of them, I only email companies I know of and have tried their products.  Have fun, and let us know what you get in return!

(FYI, sometimes I just get emails back stating "Thanks for your kind words".  And I'm ok with that!)

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