Friday, April 8, 2011

Store Coupon Policies

Cub has released a revised coupon policy for its stores, and I thought it would be nice to list a bunch of different store policies.  Make sure to print them off and have onhand when you are shopping in case you get a cashier that doesn't know their own store's policy.  I've even had to do this with managers!

Cub - Pocket Your Dollars has a comment about each part
     Why I like Cub...Cub accepts expired coupons, from inserts, online or catalinas (including Register Rewards from Walgreens)!

     CVS doesn't have a coupon policy, you just email the company your questions about a certain senario.  Hard to email them all your questions when you don't know what might happen at the register.  :o(  But I still love CVS because of their ECBs.  And that they keep track of it for you on your receipt, so you can buy some on Monday, and come back on Friday when the shelves have been restocked to buy the rest needed to get whatever ECB deal they have going on!  (Walgreen's requires that you purchase them all in a single transaction). 

     Why I like Hy-Vee...They ad match and coupon match any store in town!

     Why I like Target...I think they do ad match, even though it's not stated.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
     Why I like Walgreens - Register Rewards.  But lately they haven't been worth my time.  Although I do get my diapers there for dirt cheap with sales!

    Why I will make an acception to shop at Wal-Mart ;o)...They will not reduce a coupon if it is above the price of the product.  So if you have a coupon for $3 off and the item is only $2.50 at the store, you'll get  the other 50c off your total bill, just make sure to have a "filler" item. 

These are the most popular stores for Mankato.  Are there any other stores that you'd like a link to?  I'll update this list!

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