Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transformation Tuesday

Hey all you losers out there!!! 

I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course.  :o)  I'm referring to any of you who are now, or have ever been, trying to lose weight.  Sister C put a call out a week or two ago for anyone who was interested to join her for a "Biggest Loser" competition.  It's a friendly little contest with cash prizes intended to motivate those of us who are struggling with dropping a few pounds. 

I, Sister K, was hesitant to sign up since I have done this contest 2 other times and failed miserably each time.  However, in the end, I decided that this time I was really committed to making a "transformation" in my life.  I recruited Scott and a good friend from work to do it with me and, of course, this time I have Sister C along for the ride also.

We started yesterday, and I've been staying on track so far.  (The first days are always the easiest for me.)  I though you might enjoy following along as Sister C and I compete to see who can be the "Biggest Loser."  We'll be posting our progress and helpful tips we find along the way as we work toward transforming our bodies and our behaviors. 

One free tool that I found on my i-Pod is an app called LoseIt!  You can also access it online HERE.  Like I said, it's a free tool that will help you track your food and exercise calories.  I really like it and find that it helps me to make better choices just because I can see what I'm doing throughout the day.  If you do decide to use it, search for me, Katie Richtsmeier under the "Friends" tab and we can encourage each other along the way.

If any of you would like to join us on our journey, there's still time.  We are only on day 2 of a 12 week contest and we'd love to have you join in.  Who knows, maybe YOU can be the Biggest Loser? ;o)


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