Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bread Day

Don't forget, Taystee Bakery Outlet down on 169 has 10% off all their purchases today.  Sister C ran down and got a REALLY great deal - our favorite Sara Lee Soft and Smooth bread was only 75c each :D  There was still 3 shelves full, so go now :D  

Here's what I bought...

5 Sara Lee Soft and Smooth 75c each
2 - 10 ct. flour tortillas $1.49 each
Baking soda 69c
Hamburger buns 99c
FREE WYB $7 worth of items - Brown Sugar Cinnamon Bread

Total after discount - $7.57

*I cannot wait for a house with a basement big enough to hold a full size freezer, I would have cleared one of the three shelves of our favorite bread :D  I'm going to make french toast with 3 of the loaves, and freeze them for future babysitter meals. 

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