Sunday, February 20, 2011

CVS Ad 2/20/2011

I, Sister C, made her first trip to CVS yesterday.  Even though there were no deals I needed to grab this week, I still swung in to see how things work.  Make sure to get your Green Tag for 99c (and have them scan it each time you use your own bag) because after 4 uses, you'll get $1 ECB.  So keep it handy (I think I'm leaving mine in my purse since I don't always bring the same reusable bags in to the stores).

I can't speak for all CVSs, but for the one in Mankato on Madison Avenue, the scanner you would use to scan your Extra Care Card is located straight through the main doors, take a slight left after the first isle and the Magic Scanner (I don't know the real term for it) is right there.  I scanned my ECC and recieved 2 different coupons!  Do this each time you go in and you should get new coupons each time.  You can use these coupons AND manufacturer coupons to get the max savings you can! 

Go HERE to check out the deals for CVS this week.  There's quite a few under $1!

Thanks, Couponing to Disney!

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