Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Skin Refinishing Lotion Sample!

I have used Artistry Skin Care products since 2000.  I won't use anything else.  You can get a free sample of their Skin Refinishing Lotion!  I'm not sure if you need to be signed up already, but if you do and do not have a customer number, it's easy to sign up.  And doesn't cost you anything, nor do you get a ton of emails, only those you would like (if any at all).  Go HERE to read up on the Lotion.  I could go on and on about this!  It makes your skin SO SMOOTH!  I use it on my face and also my hands.  Give it a shot, tell me what you think!

*If you need a customer number, it's easy to sign up after you read up on the Lotion also, just click on the "Register" link on the top right of the page.*

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