Saturday, February 26, 2011

CVS Run 2/26/2011

Ok, I really try not to do these deals at the end of the week because none of you will have time to run uptown to do the same, but I just got back to town yesterday, so please forgive me.  But I still did well so I want to show it off :o)

Ok, my CVS is having their grand opening,
so I scored some extra free stuff from their Grand Opening coupons.

Mentos 50c - used 50c off coupon SS 02/06/11 (ex 3/30/11) = FREE
2 Orbit Gum $1 each - used $1/2 Printable (no longer available???) - 50c each
2 Dawn Hand Renewal 94c - used $1 off coupon from P&G Rebate Coupon Booklet (NLA) = 2 FREE
2 Oral B Power Brushes $6 each (ugh, couldn't find my coupons!) = $12
Crest Vivid 3D Toothpaste $3.29 - used $1 off from P&G Rebate Coupon Booklet (NLA) = $2.29
CVS Oral Rinse $2.99 - used $3 off CVS personal care item = FREE
Excedrin Migraine $4.89 - used FREE Excedrin (from Facebook? NLA) = FREE
Excedrin Extra Strength $4.69 (with FREE Excedrin PM 8ct!) - used FREE Excedrin (from Facebook? NLA) = FREE
Dentyne gum $1.29 - used FREE coupon from CVS Grand Opening = FREE
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 89c - used FREE candy bar coupon from CVS Grand Opening = FREE
Ruffles Chips 99c - used FREE 99c bag of chips (NLA) = FREE

Also used $10/$20 Purchase coupon from CVS Grand Opening

Saved $10.75 from sale prices
Saved $30.25 from coupons
Total = $5.16 plus tax! 
PLUS - I received $3.29 (Crest Toothpaste) and $6 (2 Oral B Toothbrushes) in ECB for next time!

I also like CVS because they are running a special through the end of next week where you buy $20 worth of Excedrin products, you get $10 ECB.  HOWEVER, you do NOT have to buy that all in one trip!  They were out of the Excedrin I had more coupons for, so I "bought" the two free ones this time around and they keep track of that on my ECB Card, so when I return this week once their shelves are restocked, I just scan my ECB Card when I buy the next batch of Excedrin to earn my $10 in ECB! 

They also are running a special where you buy $30 in P&G products and you'll get $10 in ECB.  On my receipt it says that I have purchased $1.88 during this promotion and that I need to spend $27.62 before the end of the promotion in order to get that $10 in ECB. 

Oops!  I almost forgot!
I ran up to CVS this morning to grab some caffeine.  (Where do I begin?  I have had ONE 7 hour night of sleep since Dad passed, so on a day where I have all 4 rug rats at home by myself, I was splurging!)

No idea where my receipt is, but I scanned my ECB Card at their Magic Coupon Scanner and out popped a $2 off any purchase.  SO, I bought a Dr. Pepper and Mt Dew on a B1G1 Pepsi sale, used the $2 off coupon and got both for FREE.  Plus bought the Sprite for the kids with the FREE Coke product coupon from their Grand Opening Flyer.  So, 3 pops for FREE.  Yeah.  I like that :o) 

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