Friday, February 18, 2011

Walgreen's Diaper Run

Now, Sister C is heading to Mankato tomorrow, so don't you all go and buy these all up on her!  ;o) 

Each Walgreen's is different, the one Hudson has their prices at $8.99/bag, but we jogged over to the Stillwater Walgreen's and their's were priced at $6.99/bag.  So I bought 6 bags of size 6 (V better potty train after this is all said and done!) for under $9!  They are running B1G1 Free, plus there is a coupon in the cosmetics area pamphlet for $2 off each bag (so it will take an additional $2 off the free one!) making these under $1.50 each!!! 

Seriously, if you have no need for diapers, highly consider buying these and dropping them off at your friend's house who has a little one in diapers.  If you don't know the size, just leave a note where you bought them at the mom can swap out the size.  You can also bring them to your local food shelf.  Donate them to your church's nursery (I know I've forgotten diapers before and used them there). 

*If your Walgreen's is out of coupons, just tell the cashier the code on the coupon is "2844" and they should be able to type it in for you as they don't need the coupon to run the deal.*

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