Friday, February 4, 2011

Financially Fit Friday

Here's the update on our Total Money Makeover.  I'm buying a few books by Dave Ramsey as soon as my Groupon comes through.  I had 2 Swagbucks Barnes and Noble gift cards saved up, so this is the perfect timing for that Groupon!  I can't wait to reread Totaly Money Makeover, plus start reading at least one of his other books!

$1000 Emergency Fund = Stocked!

Indiana Fund Previous balance - $30.34

Deposited this past week...
  • $20 miscellaneous income
  • $13 leftover tips (another reason I'm switching to the night shift!  This is pathetic!)
  • $3.12 in spare change
  • $20 Procter & Gamble rebate!
  • $6 in surveys
  • $161.37 pay check
  • $75 extra in our savings
Total deposited this week - $298.49

Indiana Fund is Currently $329.35! 

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