Friday, November 25, 2011

Deals, Deals, Deals

Okay savers, I think I am waving the white flag.  My intention was to sit here and blog my heart away to let you know about every great deal I could find on the web.  But there are just too many and I am too new at this to keep up.  (It's tough work being a bargain shopper).  So, here is what I CAN do for you this year - Check out these 2 blogs:

Their fingers must be burning with all the deals they are posting today.  :o)  I'm going to sit down with some Diet Dr. Pepper and shop, take a few notes, and learn from the best so that next year I can jump in and will be better prepared for the craziness of Black Friday.

Please do share any deals that you find either here or on the Facebook page so that we can all take advantage of what others are finding.  Happy Shopping!!

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