Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Money Saving Mom's Budget - Review

I was given a preview copy of The Money Saving Mom's Budget book to review.  I've decided to read one chapter at a time and do what she suggests before moving on to the next chapter.  And so far, it's AMAZING!  Chapter 1 which deals with setting goals, and this is something I/we need to write down again as we have slacked off lately.  I know how important setting goals are, but lately, I've earned an F grade.  I loved how Crystal points out that you should pick a large goal, but break it down into little pieces so they don't seem so huge.  So, here are my goals...
  • Save $15,000 by May 31, 2012 for a new home.
    • Follow me every week in Financially Fit Friday as I show you exactly how we are saving every week for this goal!
    • This amounts to $500/week we need to save.  A pretty big stretch, but it is what it is.  And tax return time is coming, which will hopefully have some extra $ for this fund. 
      • Spare change, extra shifts, selling toys, selling clothes, keeping the heat lower in the winter, taking shorter showers, etc will all help in earning and saving us some money.
  • Organize my home, one room at a time, per week.
    • My goal is to always have the main level clean of clutter.  I want my husband to be able to walk into our home and not be bogged down with immediatly seeing clutter. 
    • I also want to take one box per week of clothes and toys to Once Upon a Child and sell them.
      • Christmas is approaching, my kids will get more toys and clothes.
      • This extra cash will go into our House Fund :D
    • This week, I want to organize our bedroom.  I want to fall asleep in peace, not walking into an extra storage room that it has become.
      • Give away clothes, by either donating them or on Freecycle
        • My clothes
        • Hubby's clothes - he already bagged them up!
        • Tubs of baby clothes that have infested our room
      • Hang up mirror I got for Christmas LAST YEAR that's still sitting on our floor
      • Sell jewelry at Encore downtown along with some clothes and shoes.
    • Always have the dishes done before I go to bed. 
    • Fold and put a load of laundry away every day.  Otherwise, we end up with 8 loads of 'clean' laundry that piles up on the floor in front of the washer and dryer
    • Make chore charts for kids. 
      • I started this, but never finished them.  Our household runs a lot smoother when the kids pitch in, and they know 330pm is chore time and they can't play or anything until the chores are done.  Nor will they get their $1 at the end of the week :D 
  • Continue to eat healthier and work out 3 times per week.
    • I've now lost weight finally!  I'd like to average 2 pounds per week, except a holiday week, which I hope to lose 1 or at least break even :D  My goal is to be down a total of 30 pounds by May 31, 2012. 
      • Currently have 26 to go :D
    • I've been very good about buying food lately.  Hardly any prepackaged items, making most of our food from scratch.  Which sounds impossible to some, but it's really easy once you start. 
  • Crystal says to pick 3 goals, but I need to add this one to it:  Spend quality time with Ryan and also each child, especially Eve.
    • Eve is my twin.  Which means we butt heads 99% of the time.  I'd like to take her out for 30 minutes and bond while buying hair flowers for the two of us :D  OR, teach her how to wash the dishes.  I don't know why, but I have refused to teach her, and this way I have to learn patience, and it will be one less chore for me to do :D
So, there are my goals.  Ready, Go!  lol  What is one of your goals you want to accomplish?  How are you going about accomplishing that?

A fun way to keep track of your goals AND earn some free gift cards is by using Daily Feats.  Go check it out, it's free to sign up!

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