Saturday, November 5, 2011

Printable Coupons - New Bar Codes

Good Morning!  I was online this morning looking for ad match ups to share with you and found this really interesting post about printable coupons on I Heart the Mart.  I didn't know this info before I read it and I assume not all of you are aware either.  I'm posting the majority of the post below, but you can find the full post with graphic HERE.  Thanks to I Heart the Mart for this really informational post!
"We are accustomed to seeing 2 barcodes on all our coupons, well by the end of December that will be coming to an end. That short barcode like the one you see above will be gone. It is being replaced by the longer Databar Barcode.
According to Frugal Finders (thank you for the all the good info!), the DataBar barcode contains much more information than a UPC code does. For example, it accommodates longer manufacturer identification numbers, which check to see if you purchased the correct item. Also, since there is minimal human readable text, this means the end of barcode decoding!
Retailers that utilize DataBar will experience automatic expiration date checking, reduced cashier intervention and improved scan rates. This means your checkout experience should be much less painful and will be faster.
Of course, in order for these coupons to scan, the retailer would need to update their POS system to accommodate the new barcode. Most major retailers like Target and Walgreens already support DataBar barcodes, with other retailers soon to come.
*** If these coupons do NOT scan at your store all they have to do is use the HANDHELD scanner and it should work. NOT just scan them over the regular scanner. If they try and tell you they can’t take it because it didn’t scan, nicely ask them to please try the handheld scanner and it should work."

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