Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Sometimes, I really hate to make menu plans.  It seems like so much work and I'd rather take a nap, read a book or surf through Facebook to see what everyone else is doing today.  But then the responsible side of me whispers in my ear and reminds me that if I don't take an hour now to make a plan for the rest of the week, we'll end up wasting money on dining out or we'll end up having cereal for supper 4 days this week.  (At least that's what it's telling me today....)  I'm still keeping it simple - I've got a lot going on these days and just need to focus on easy warm food that doesn't take too much prep work.  Here's what ended up on my menu this week - 

 Monday:  Dinner out with friends at Chinese Restaurant
Tuesday:   Spinach Quiche (without the chicken) from
Wednesday:  Taco Soup with corn bread
Thursday:  Chili, baked potatoes
Friday:  Make your own English Muffin Pizza
Saturday:  Pancakes and eggs
Sunday:  Leftovers

What are all of you making this week?  I'd like to challenge you to post at least one of the meals on your menu for the week here.  Let's see how many different ideas we can come up with.

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