Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - How Thrifty Are YOU Willing to Be?

I read a blog post on Penniless Parenting this week about living without a refrigerator.  Yes, you read that right, living without a refrigerator.  Seems a little extreme to me, because I like to be comfortable.  But after I read it, I couldn't help but think about what I WOULD be willing to do to save money.  Not just a few cents here and there, but to really alter our lifestyle in order to really save.  I've decided I'm not ready to give up modern conveniences like the refrigerator and microwave.  I also would have a hard time functioning without my cell phone and my laptop (or at least a computer of some sort), but I would give up the dream of having a smart phone, I could live without the land line, and even though my family couldn't, I could live without television.  I'd be willing to drive my van until it's drawn it's last breath, I could turn the heat down a few degrees and even try to live without air conditioning.

But those are the easy and obvious choices.  There must be more I can do- right?  I think so too.  So, in the coming weeks, I'd like to you join me as I journey through my life and home and find ways that I can be thrifty.  The ultimate goal will be to not only find ways to cut costs, but how to increase the quality of my life while doing it.

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