Monday, November 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Lunchbox Edition

Good Morning!

If your house is anything like mine, I'm sure that this morning was a challenge.  It always seems to be harder to get everyone up and moving on a Monday, but especially a Monday after an extended weekend.  Thankfully, our new lunch system makes at least one part of our routine a little less hectic.  Since the kids only had 2 days of school last week with the holiday, most of our lunch choices are the same, although they did devour a few items on Wednesday when we were at work and they had the day off...

Protein Choices:
Cheese Slices (Monterey Jack and Colby)
Peanut Butter
Raw Almonds (not roasted or salted)

Fruit & Vegetable Choices:
Baby Carrots
Dried Apricots

Grain Choices:
Granola Bars
Mini Rice Cakes (cheddar and caramel flavors)

As a side note for those of you without school age kids, I often make my own lunch from the "ingredients" I list out in this post.  Especially on days when we don't have leftovers to choose from or if I am running late in the morning.

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