Sunday, July 17, 2011

Barnes and Noble Book Club

Sister C and Son D stopped at Barnes and Noble to hand in his Summer Reading Program papers.  All he had to do was read 8 books to get this FREE book!  There wasn't a book that he liked, so he decided to get his sister a book.  What a sweet boy!  He's saving it for her for Christmas.  Atta boy, gotta train them young to save freebies for Christmas and birthdays! 

Hubby R and I decided that we'd spend a little money a month and get the kids new books from Barnes and Noble if they read.  I'm thinking instead of spending that much, I'd take them to the thrift store next time and they can get a few books.

I also signed the kids up for the kids club - so I will receive a 30% off coupon just for signing up, plus future coupons.  Each kid will also receive a treat for their birthdays!

The Summer Reading Program is still going - so get your kids reading!  Even if you don't tell them they get a FREE book, take the paperwork in and get them a FREE book for Christmas :o)  It is July you know.  So start thinking Christmas!

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