Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hy-Vee Run 7/21/11

Sister C ran up to Hy-Vee today.  I received a NOWWOW code, so I waited to go shopping until today to use it.  I had to meet a $25 minimum purchase, but didn't need that much in groceries so what I did was use up my FREE item coupons and also a few items from their clearance area.

3 Cheesy Jalapeno Puffcorns $2.22 each = $6.66
4 Kraft Mac & Cheese 68c each = $2.72
Cantadina Pizza Sauce $1.24
8 pk Gatorade $5.99
Jif TOGO Peanut Butter $1.99
Eggs $1.65
Keebler Granola Bars $2.89
Pepperoni $2.99
Kraft Cheese w/ Philly $2.29

Used the following coupons
  • Sack Refund - 20c
  • $1 off Kraft Cheese w/ Philly from Kraft First Taste NLA
  • 75c off Keebler Granola Bars from Snackpicks
  • FREE Jif TOGO from Target NLA
  • FREE 8pk Gatorade from Hy-Vee NOWWOW
Total $31.42
Total Coupons and Discounts $9.93
Spent $21.49
Will send in Keebler Rebate to receive $2.89 back - This is on a tear pad on Cub ;o)

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