Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Transformation Tuesday - Week 3 - I think??

Hi Friends!!

Sister K here.  It looks like I missed a whole week.  You would think I had to work 45 hours last week, run kids to Sports Life Camp 5 days in a row, and attend / help coach 6 of 10 softball / baseball games or something, all while trying to keep up with housework and meals.  Hmmmm............

Anyway, I'm back with an update.  :o)  The transformation is going well.  I've consistently been losing a couple pounds each week and I'm down 9.8 total.  Only about 89.2 to go!!!  My personal "Jillian," Ashley, drafted a raw food cleanse I am going to try next week.  She and I agreed I should start on a Monday in order to be the most successful.  Scott says he is willing to do it with me.  I'm not sure he'll be able to give up milk and cereal for 5 days in a row, but we will see. 

Last time I wrote, I had some goals.  Here's how I did:
1.  Lose 3 more pounds - I think it was 2, but I've been consistent for the last 2 weeks
2.  Eat a healthy breakfast every day - I'm doing okay with this.  I'm not naturally a big breakfast eater, but Ashley says I need to get a couple hundred calories in here to get my body moving and keep the metabolism from slowing down.  I am at least eating something each day, which is an improvement.
3.  Drink at least 3 bottles (24 oz each) of water each day - This one has been easier than I thought.  I had to time it out at first to make sure I'd get them all in, but now I can easily get 3-4 bottles in each day. 

For next week, I'm going to work on:
1.  Losing another 2-3 pounds
2.  Eating 200-300 calories for breakfast
3.  Preparing for the 5 day cleanse by getting appropriate groceries
4.  Increasing water to a minumum of 4 bottle of water per day

Well, that's it for me.  Are any of you working toward a weight loss goal?  I'd love to hear about your successes or struggles.  Your success motivates me and your struggles let me know I'm not alone.  Together we can work toward a healthier us!!!

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