Sunday, July 17, 2011

Target Run 7/17/11

Sister C went to Target also today.  We ran out of light bulbs.  We've splurged on those light bulbs that look like spirals and cost more to save us money - but guess what?  Over half of them burnt out within a month and another 1/4 exploded when we turned on the light.  So, I went with el cheapo brand and I bet they last 20 years.  Or 5.

Light bulbs $1.24
4 BIC Pens 50c each
Total $3.24
Total $1.24 plus tax
I used my $5 Gift Card for referring some friends to a deal site, so technically I didn't spend a penny of my own.  Thanks, Friends!

*Reminder*  Make sure to print off your coupons from Swagbucks to earn 10 Swagbucks for each one you redeem!  Or from your MyPoints account to earn 10 points!  (If you want to help Sister C in her MyPoints, send me your email so I can send you a referral link!)

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