Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bread Run 7/27/11

Sister C made a run down to the Sara Lee Bread Outlet down on 169.  Remember, every Wednesday you get 10% off!  Here's what I snatched up...

3 loaves Soft & Smooth $1.25 each
2  bags Blueberry Mini Bagels 99c each
1 loaf Wheat 45 Calories & Delightful
2 bags Soft & Smooth Hamburger Buns 50c each!!
1 loaf 100% Multi-Grain 45 Calories & Delightful FREE WYB $7 worth of items
  • You're total needs to be $7 after the discount.  She said I was close enough :D

Total after discount - $6.95

They have all kinds of breads - 100% Whole Grains, 100% Whole Wheat, reagular Whole Wheat, regular plain ol' white bread, hot dog buns, etc.  I saw mustard for 50c for a 9oz bottle.  They also have sweets - donuts, rolls, etc. 

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