Friday, July 29, 2011

CVS Run 7/29/11

Sister C made a run to CVS finally this week.  I had $9 in EBCs from last week I wanted to put towards the gas rewards deal they had this week. Here's what I got...

1 Papermate pack of pens - $1.99
4 Scott 12pk Toilet Paper - $7.49 each
  • Used $9 in EBCs
  • Used 4 - $1 off Scott Toilet Paper peelies (at Cub)
  • Used $5/$25 CVS email coupon
Subtotal $13.95 + tax
Saved $32.20 today
  • $1 EBC for Green Bag Tag
  • $1.99 EBC for Papermate Pens
  • PLUS, I didn't want one of the gas gift cards they were offering, so the cashier just put $10 back on my CVS gift card that I reuse!!!
    • I also learned that for the gas deal, for example, to work, you just need your total to be within 5c, so I didn't need to purchase an unnecessary cheap item just to get the gas reward!
    • Plus, I normally don't clear a shelf, but I only bought 4 bags of toilet paper and could NOT pass up basically paying $3.95 for everything!  So sorry!  I'm sure they have more in the back, so if you head up to the Madison Ave CVS, just ask if they have more in the back.  If not, sorry, but the deal ends tomorrow anyways :D

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