Sunday, July 3, 2011

Preparing Meals While on Vacation

Sister C's family is renting a large cabin in Northern Wisconsin here shortly, and is wondering how to make meals for a family on vacation.  We will have full access to a kitchen, appliances and most utensils/cookware.  Each adult is taking turns to cook one night during the week for everyone - 7 adults, 2 teenagers and 3 little ones, plus a baby.  Since I'll be taking another week unpaid from work, and I'm leaving 2 days earlier due to a wake and funeral of a dear friend, I'm looking for ideas that are cheap.  I'd like to look around town for items needed to fulfill this task ahead of time, as I'll have more time to look for sales, instead of buying it full price. 

I was thinking chicken, but that's been snatched by my sis and bro.  Pulled pork is also on the menu.  Since I'm not positive on which cookware they have available to us, I was thinking either stovetop or grill.  What would you make?

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  1. Build your own taco salads. You put out the fixings, everyone adds what they want. Do half and half pinto beans and ground beef or turkey for cheaper protein.