Sunday, July 17, 2011

CVS Run 7/17/11

Sister C made a run to CVS tonight.  I was emailed a $5/$25 and you can now have that coupon added to your CVS card instead of printing it off at home.  It will print off at the Magic Coupon Scanner.  Speaking of the MCS, did you know you can scan your card a few times - just keep scanning it until it says there are no more coupons.  I received a $5/$25 AND got a $10/$50 when we scanned my card a second time :o) 

Anyways, I had a whopping $1 EBC, so I decided that it's time to start getting more EBCs.  I'm sure I'll be hitting up CVS again this week...

So, we needed milk since I've been gone for a week and a half, that was pretty much the only "we must have" item this week, besides Cheerios, which I'll get later. 

Milk $2.59
Salsa on clearance for $2 (we have several bags of chips leftover from vacation)
2 Benefiber $9.99
Total $24.57
(I cleared buying to Benefibers to total $19.98 that I'd still receive the $10 EBC when you bought $20, plus she still let me use the $5/$25 even though I was 43c short - I love my CVS girls on Madison Ave!)
  • used $7/2 Benefibers (NLA, however there is a $3 off coupon that will still get you a good deal)
  • used $1 EBC
  • used $5/$25 purchase from email
Total $11.57 + tax
Saved $19.57
Received $10 EBC!

Plus, at the Madison Ave location, in the back left corner of the store there is a shelf on an endcap full of clearance items.  Many are infant pain relief.  If you get a $5/$25 or $10/$50 and need a little extra to put towards that total, consider grabbing some of them and donating them if you don't need them.  It comes to about $2 a box.

Stay tuned for more posts as the week goes on!  I only live about a mile from CVS...

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