Saturday, October 1, 2011

Super Hot CVS Deal

I've read on a number of blogs that people are getting an amazing coupon from the CVS coupon machine.  It seems that  people are scanning their Extra Care Cards and getting a $5 off any $5 purchase coupon.  I (Sister K) was just there tonight and didn't get one, but it may be worth stopping in a second time.....

Don't know what I'm talking about?  Never heard of the CVS coupon machine or an Extra Care Card?  Catch up HERE.

For those of you that are CVS regulars, let us know if you get any good coupons from the machine this week.  I did get my quarterly ECB coupon tonight - $4.00 this time.  I was a nice bonus since I didn't get a couple other coupons I was hoping to print on line.

Don't forget - Stop back and let us know us know what the coupon machine gives YOU this week!

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