Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toy Rebates

Did you know Christmas is less than 3 months away?  Now is the time to look around for sales and rebates for items you know you're going to need.  Thankfully, my kids are young enough that they won't change their minds, too many times, before Christmas arrives.  Sister C has four lovely, superactive little ones, from age 7 to 1.

For Dirk (age 7), he's all about Legos and Transformers.  Hasbro has a Transformer Gift Pack which includes a Transformers Dark of the Moon T-shirt and a Kreon Transformer figure along with a $5 off your next Transformer purchase, when you buy $20 worth of Transformers Dark of the Moon toys.  Pair this with Target's mobile coupon deal this week, we can cross off Dirk's Christmas toys already.
  • Does anyone get Target's mobile coupons - I've tried signing up several times, but I have yet to get any coupons.  I may not be able to take advantage of this deal, but I'll still use the printable manufacturer coupon as I have a feeling the toy Dirk wants is not under $10 lol  
I did find a Shopko rebate, that's now expired, so I won't post all the info about it, where I will get a FREE Cars 2 backpack when I buy $10 worth of Cars 2 merchandise.  So that's what Victor (age 2) is getting for Christmas or his birthday (just a few days after Christmas). 

Have you seen any rebates for toys in the stores?  Some of the ones I find are not advertised, so make sure to look for little tear pads near the toys your kids love and make sure to stop by and tell us so we can spread the word!

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