Monday, October 31, 2011

Where to Get Coupons

There are several ways to get coupons to add to your stash.  Here are my favorite ways to get coupons...
  1. Contact the company that makes a product you love and tell them why you love their product.  Just a quick few sentences is all it takes.  Tell them what it is specifically that you love about their product, how it helps you save time, you bond with your children while cooking their product, whatever.  Just be honest.  Kristin at Couponing to Disney has a great list of 5 a Day companies to email.  I don't usually follow these as I think the companies get bombarded with emails all at the same time, so I'll go thru her master list and just grab a few here and there.  Here's my 5 a Day shopping spree I did last year that she posted on her site :D
  2. Gas Stations will have lots of coupons for candy and pop I have found lately.  Especially gas stations that aren't overly busy.  Casey's General Store is a good one I have found in Mankato.  I've found coupons in the candy isle, on the doors to the pop selection and also up by the counters.
  3. As I shop in stores, look for Blinkies and Peelies on shelves near products you normally buy.  I will usually grab a few of each and save them for another time and sometimes another store. 
  4. Sign up for loyalty programs.  Any store that is in Mankato, I am pretty much signed up for their loyalty program, which also includes birthday bonuses.  So, look up your favorite stores, or even stores you rarely shop at, and sign up for their email or texting programs.  Many offer sign up bonuses, like Kohls.  If it's available, sign up for their mailing lists also, JCPenney is notorious for sending out $10 off a $10 purchase coupons a few times per year. 
  5. Hotels, restaurants, and the ER are also places I've found coupons.  Yes, my daugher swallowed a dime on a Sunday, so when we went to the ER for x-rays I found several inserts just laying around :D  Anywhere places have papers for people to read is where you'll find coupons laying around. 
  6. Check your Dollar Store for the Sunday paper.  I did this for several months before Mankato dropped their coupon inserts.  I do believe they are getting them back, but now I'm in the habit of buying them from CVS.  The Pioneer Press is the cheapest in town, tied for the Mankato Free Press if the coupons have returned to the paper. 
Where do you find coupons?  Besides buying papers, of course :D

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  1. What a great 6 ways to find coupons. I have visited so many sites and but couldn't find more than 3 place to get coupon.