Thursday, October 27, 2011

Super Points

Have you started SuperPoints yet?  The only way you can start earning FREE gift cards is by being referred.  See my referral links below.  Each one is for one referral, so if it doesn't work, click on another one.  Feel free to enter one or two of your own personal referral links - I'm willing to share the wealth :D  So if you don't want to be referred by me, click on someone else's link!

SuperPoints is very easy - all you do is click a button :D  When you win, so does the person who referred you.  Update your profile so you can get an easy 25 spins each day.  The more people you refer, the more spins you get, up to 100 per day! 

This one is worth a bonus 50 points

These are regular referral links, I believe they are 5 bonus points taken :D

Feel free to ask questions on how this works, or get started and read up on the 'rules' on the site!  Good Luck and enjoy earning FREE gift cards to help you pay for your Christmas presents!

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