Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to the Basics

Each week on Sundays we'll add this post to the list for you to check for the lowest prices in Mankato on the basic essentials - milk, bread, eggs, cheese, veggies and meat. We can all refer to this page during the week when we run out of something to check where we should head to :D

Leave a comment here on the site to let us know the prices you saw around town for these items.


  1. On sale or with card, I think the cheapest I've found for a gallon of milk is $2.19 at Walgreen's/CVS. Otherwise normally priced it's $2.89, which is still cheaper than a $3.18 at Hy-Vee (two bags) and $3.69+ at grocery stores.

  2. A loaf of wheat bread is $1.29 at Kwik Trip. Bananas, potatoes and onions are $0.38/pound.