Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Transformation Tuesday - Final Weigh In

Drumroll please...........

The contest is over and I'm hoping for the best.  The last couple weeks have been rough for me and I haven't seen what everyone else was doing, so I'm anxious for the results.  I think we did well, but I have no idea if "the competition" caught up or not.  I'm taking the week off from thinking about it and then I think I am going to start an exercise challenge next week.  I haven't figured out the details yet, but I think I need to add something to my routine to jump start again.  My official total for the contest was 20 pounds.  I'm happy with that, but need to keep going to get to my "happy place."  Thanks for following along and for the words of encouragement.  

Look for a transformation of this weekly post next week.  I'll be starting a new "transformation" series with a new twist.  Until then - cross your fingers and wish me luck while I wait for the contest results. :o)

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