Monday, September 12, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Lunchbox Edition

Since I started extreme couponing, I've decided that I just can't pay school lunch prices anymore.  My kids are less than thrilled, but we've decided to limit them to one hot lunch per week.  That means we need to pack at least 12 cold lunches each week and reminds me why I've always let them eat hot lunch.  However, this time I am determined not to let packing cold lunch stress me out.  Last week I shared a 5 minute challenge I found on Passionate Penny Pincher's site about prepping cold lunches.  I've taken the challenge and it really is a huge time saver.

This week, I thought I'd add a feature to Menu Plan Monday.  I'll try each week to share with you what kinds of choices I've put in my lunch prep areas.  Right now we have one plastic tote of things that can be kept at room temperature in the pantry cupboard, one drawer in the frig for things that need to be kept cold and freezer space as needed.  (I'm going to reserve a freezer bin there as soon as I get a chance to make more homemade "Uncrustables.")  After supper and before bed, I make the kids pack their own lunches.  I help as needed, but want them to choose what they take because it increases the chance that they will actually eat it.

Here are the choices they have this week:

From the pantry: (individually packaged or bagged into snack size ziplocs)
Bugles (on sale this week at Wags for $0.99 - check your coupon for a $0.50/1 to make them $0.49 each)
Animal Crackers
Breakfast on the Go
Gushers Fruit Snacks
Chex Mix
Pretzels with Cheese (the dipping kind)
Ritz Townhouse Crackers

From the 'frig:
Cheese Sticks
Strawberry Yogurt

From the 'frig:
Nothing yet - Uncrustables coming soon

Now it's your turn - I'd love to hear what's going to be in your child's lunchbox this week.  Thanks in advance for sharing!

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