Monday, September 26, 2011

Money Makeover Monday

It's Week 2 of  "Financial Peace University."

We got our kit this week, and Scott has already converted all the CD's to MP3 format so we can listen to them on our iPod.  I need to go and copy all the notes I took on the copied handouts into the workbook we got so nothing gets lost.

Last week, our first assignment was to create a "Quickie Budget."  We sat down together to do this and I was  surprised and concerned to find out that we have several hundred dollars each month that are not accounted for.  Several hundred!!  On a positive note, we are saving money while meeting our budget and we have a plan to pay off all the debt we have (minus the mortgage) by summer 2012.  Our first debt is a car loan and we have a goal of March 2012 to get rid of that.

This week our homework is easy.  Start collecting credit card offers.  It sounds crazy, but I can see the point. We are supposed to keep track of how much potential debt we've avoided by not accepting any new credit card offers.  We are also supposed to find an "accountability partner,"  someone to help us when we need help to decide whether or not to spend unnecessary money.  Scott and I are fairly good at this, but I think I need to find a 2nd person for me.  (Sometimes, he gives in to me when he shouldn't so I won't get mad.)

Anyone want to volunteer to tell me "No!" next time I try to justify spending money we don't have?

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