Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Wonder.........

I wonder - Where do I find coupons?

One main source of coupons is the Sunday paper.  Most major Sunday papers have coupon inserts.  In my area, I buy the local paper so I can read the news, plus 2 copies of another major newspaper for the coupons.

If you don't get the papers on Sunday, however, there are other ways to get coupons.

One way is from the major coupon sites that offer printables, such as,, and  You can also check for coupons for specific items on many sites that offer a coupon database.  A number of products will also have Facebook pages or websites that offer coupons from time to time.  I generally make my weekly list and then check out a database for any coupons I don't already have.

Another way is to pick up coupons while you shop.  Keep your eyes open in the stores and look for peelies or blinkies, coupons that are on store shelves on tear pads or in little blinking dispensers.  Some products also have peel off coupons right on them.

Finally, if you know anyone who gets the paper, ask them if they use their coupons.  I sometimes get coupons from family and friends simply because I've told them I use them.

I'd love to hear from you too - Where do you find your coupons?

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