Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shopping Tips and Tricks - Hy-Vee

Do you have any tips for shopping at Hy-Vee?  Let us know so we can update this list please!
  • First of all, make sure to print off Hy-Vee's coupon policy and always have it with you when you go shopping.  You can refer to it if a certain coupon isn't working so you and the cashier/manager can figure it out together.  They will accept one store coupon, whether it's Hy-Vee or a competitor, and one manufacturer coupon per item. 
  • Hy-Vee will also ad match any store in town, just bring the flyer with you.  This is very easy and both Sister K and Sister C have both done it.  This is one reason why I love Hy-Vee, I can pretty much get all of my grocery shopping done at one place. 
    • Hy-Vee will ad match Cub brand meats for Hy-Vee brand meats.  For example, if Cub has the Cub brand of boneless and skinless chicken breasts on sale, Hy-Vee will match their price for the Hy-Vee brand of boneless and skinless chicken breasts. 
  • Hy-Vee accepts competitor coupons, usually only the ones from the inserts on Sunday or in the competitor store's ad.  Downtown Hy-Vee has accepted printed competitor coupons like Target, but Hilltop has not for me.  If you aren't sure, ask customer service before you go shopping to save you the time.
  • Hy-Vee has a Kids Club - sign up your kiddos!  It's free and they have several little parties for kids throughout the year.  They also receive treats for their birthdays. 
    • Speaking of kids - When your kids go shopping with you, take them to the meat department to get a free cheese stick and to the bakery for a free cookie!  When you are done shopping, there is a treasure chest full of little trinkets for them to pick out a toy if they were good in the store.  At the Hilltop store the chest is located by the Express Lanes, Downtown's store has it in front of the floral department.  Kids can also get a balloon with a sucker tied to it.  Needless to say, my kids know Hy-Vee well and ask to go there all the time!
  • For those of you with texting plans on your phone plans, make sure to sign up for Hy-Vee NOWWOW.  They text you the basics of the ads if you chose to have them do that.  But the best part of the program - you get sent texts for FREE or very cheap items. 
  • On Facebook, make sure to LIKE Hy-Vee Hilltop in Mankato.  Every Friday they post a deal that only their Facebook likers can get. 
  • Bring in your own bags to save 5c for each bag you reuse.  These can be the cloth bags or plastic bags not just from Hy-Vee, but any store in town. 
FYI - Prices vary from store to store on non-advertised items.  So for those of you in Mankato, we'll try to post which store we went to when we post our shopping items.  Do you have another tip for shopping at Hy-Vee - let us know :D

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  1. I have used Target printable store coupons multiple times at the Hilltop location in Mankato. (I only shop Hilltop because it's more convenient for me.) I have also used a couple expired coupons, but they were within a few days of expiration. My children also love the cookies and treasure box. I had forgotten about the cheese sticks. Thanks for the reminder!