Friday, September 9, 2011

Physically Fit Friday

I, Sister C, am fed up with being unfit.  All my life I have been very active, up until I got pregnant with our second child about 6 1/2 years ago.  I gained just as much weight with my second pregnancy as I did my first, however, I had 40 extra pounds after our little girl was born that I didn't have left over with our son.  With two additional pregnancies after that, I have even more to lose.  My goal is roughly 65 pounds to lose.  I say "roughly" because I don't care what number is on the scale, I just want to fit in my old clothes again. Or at least be happy with my body.  I know having children changed my body shape, and I'm ok with that.  I just want to get healthy, happy and skinnier again :D  So, I will post how I'm doing every Friday.  Once a month I will show you my stats, minus the weight.  Again, I'm more concerned with my fat % and measurements than with the scale number. 

I decided to go back to Curves today.  I absolutely LOVED working out at Curves for several years, up until I totalled our vehicle and had some physical issues to overcome.  And I really never went back.  It was fun to be there again.  :D

So, beginning today, here are my stats.  Ugh...and pics.  Pics motivate me, and seeing these makes me want to change. 

Arms 12
Bust 40
Waist 39
Abs 45
Hips 44
Thighs 23
Body Fat 35.5%

I was shocked to see that my body fat was that high.  A poor body fat percentage is 30.  So, I take that as a challenge just to get out of the "obese" category.  I never thought of myself as such, but I guess I am.  But not for long...

I bought these pants to fit into :D  They are about two pants sizes too small.  I barely got them buttoned.  I left the tag on them to show they are brand new :D  And the shirt is one I haven't fit into for 6 years.  It is one of the only shirts I've never given away as I loved to wear it, hoping one day I'd get back into it.  That day will come soon now :D

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