Thursday, September 29, 2011

Super Points

One way Sister C earns gift cards to help pay for Christmas is by playing Super Points.  It's super easy, and kind of boring, so I either click the Lucky Button while I'm watching TV, or have my kids play for me lol 

You can only get an account with Super Points if you are referred, so below are some of my referral links.  If you are a member of Super Points, feel free to add your referral links in the comments.  Those of you that are new to Super Points can pick who you want to be referred by :D  When you win Super Points, so does the person who referred you if you are at least a Gold Member - which is very easy to attain.  Make sure to update your profile so you reach the Basic Level and you'll earn more clicks for the Lucky Button. 

This link is worth a bonus 50 Points and is only good for the first person to click on it and register.

The following I think you get a bonus 25 points, at least that's what I remember them being.  But I could be wrong.  Maybe I just get a bonus 25 points if you use them.  I don't know.  Use at your own risk lol  jk.

Good Luck :D 

If that link has been used, then here's a few more to sign up under.  I'll do my best to watch for the ones being used and replace them with new ones.

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