Thursday, September 1, 2011

Menards Run

So Sister C decided to take advantage of the Menards rebates.  We plan on doing a lot of remodeling over the next year, so we started buying several of the Menards rebate items and when the checks come from us buying these products (they are in the form of merchandise checks good only at Menards), we will buy the supplies we need to remodel our side of the duplex.  :D

So, this week we bought...

Craft Adhesive Glue $2.97 - need it to fix window on truck, no rebates.  
Super Glue Gel 3pk $2.50
AAA 20 pk Batteries $4.99
AA 20 pk Batteries $4.99
Battery Storage Rack $8
Root Beer $1.25
2 Shop Towels $6.99 each

Total $38.68
Saved $9.32 from sale prices
Will Receive $30.50 in rebates
"Spent" $8.18
2 - 3 LED Cranklights $5.99 each - will return these as I misread the rebate and we already bought the other kid of LED lights last week.  So I'll just leave this off my total.

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